RIP my RTX 3080 Ti

What kind of cooling do you guys have I have a 3080 and have played for hours no crashing no problems gpu usually stays around 60c during extended play got up to around 80c once but that’s only because I had it on a really quiet profile , if your gpu is in a hot box (little to no intake/exhaust in your case) it’s not really blizzards failt

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Not quite how things work, the game itself can’t and won’t break your GPU.

The reason this usually happens is because there are pre-existing issues such as the PSU being on the way out, poor airflow, shitty/missing thermal pads or otherwise poor QC.

Graphically intensive games like Diablo IV will max out your GPU usage and TDP unless you tweak your settings, this will put the card under the highest stress levels possible. So if there are any previously unknown issues with your hardware, this would be the time for them to show up.

These kinda threads happen every time a graphically intensive game is released. Your GPU burning out was bound to happen sooner or later on any demanding game, Diablo IV or not.


I have a 3070TI in an Alienware laptop. My cpu has been consistent 92-100 C while playing D IV. It hasn’t gone above 100 and it hasn’t crashed either. I have the laptop on a 5 fan cooling tray with all the fans at max speed. I probably wouldnt play the game with my high temps, but its all under warranty so… I’ll let you know if it shits out.

I mean if it was 1 or 2 people then I’d agree with most of you people, but it’s clearly not since it’s happening to quite a number of people lol. Anyone whos shitty enough to say “Well, i have no problems so its clearly not the game and just you!” Should really stay the hell away from tech support and stop replying to forums like this.

The issue comes down to either an issue with the game at certain cutscene(s) that are causing this, or a driver error that is trying to increase performance while uncapped and burning out the cards.


Same GPU. Occasionally my display drivers just fail (nothing detected on either screen) and the fan starts going nuts. Only fix is to turn off the computer at the switch.

Computer is only about 6 months old, I really doubt it’s an issue on my end.

My Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING also died whist playing D4 Beta.

Not in the cutscene where several 3080’s apparently have died but mid game. Just POOF… PC dead. Upon removal the GPU is could start up again. (With the broken 2080 TI connected it wouldn’t power on.)

I am sceptial if D4 actually caused my 2080 TI to die (worked fine since 2019), but I am posting this for ‘statistics’. If several others might have died in similar conditions it could indicate D4 might be at fault somehow. Not for me to determine.

The GPU wasn’t hot to the touch nor does it exhibit any signs of actual smoldering or something. No smells. It was running fine until it just didn’t run anymore.

I’ve replaced the ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING with a AMD Radeon RX 6950 XT.
On a side note; With both the cards (the 2080 TI and the RX 6950 XT) I experienced the “Out of memory error”. Reducing the texture quality to ‘Medium’ seems to solve this issue. (For more info, see this thread: D4 has run out of RAM?)

I have 3080ti. Games cannot break RTX grade GPU if you have adequate psu and cooling.

But they can stress it to the max. Diablo 4 like many other games do not have proper fps cap. You can reduce fps to 60, put dlss and will be quiet.


Just to give people an idea,
Im running:

Ryzen 7 3800XT @ 4.5ghz (Liquid cooled - Corsair H110i cooler)
Radeon RX 6700 XT 12GB triple fan eagle edition
32gb 3200mhz corsair vengeance ram
m.2 ssd drive 2tb

Game runs brilliantly (when i can get on…) at 1440p on highest settings. Around 90 to 140 FPS average.


Yea dude that’s bad luck I got a Nvidia GeForce RTX3080 and mine has been RUNNING LIKE A DREAM! Won’t lie it gets warm af but no hiccups with the Graphics card or anything else other then a couple times I got kicked out the server an had to restart

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For those saying it’s impossible for a game to brick your gpu, go Google how New World was bricking EVGA 3090s. It’s entirely possible that D4 is doing this, and it seems like Gigabyte 3080 TIs. It’s not just a matter of “gEt bEtTeR aIrFlOw”. I’d stay away from D4 if you have that card until blizzard say something about it, and hopefully more people post for a better sample size.


“New World” itself was not bricking cards, that’s just not how it works. New World was making the cards work as hard as possible through 100% usage, causing them to expose their shortcomings through hardware defects or poor quality control. This happens with pretty much every new graphically demanding game. Leaving a benchmark on at 100% usage for a couple hours instead of New World would’ve caused the exact same issue.

In order for a game to explicitly toast a GPU by making it run out of spec to blow it up you would need to override the microcontroller’s safeguards, this is not something you do accidentally nor is it feasible with all the isolation in place nowadays. We’d have a huge problem with GPU and CPU roasting viruses otherwise.

Correlation does not equal causation.

Think of it this way:

  1. Over time or due to poor manufacturing/quality control your car has developed an issue where if you drive over 150 km/h for extended period of time it will break.

  2. Usually you drive on roads with a speed limit of 120 km/h or only drive 150 km/h for very short bursts, or the problem hasn’t fully developed yet since the last time you drove 150 km/h, so the problem has never shown up yet.

  3. One day you find a highway where you can drive however fast you want for as long as you want, you drive 150 km/h+ for an extended period of time and suddenly your car gives out.

Do you blame the highway or the car?


I don’t think he’s trolling. I have a 3080 Ti and at one point I lost video and my fans went crazy. Since then I haven’t experienced it again but it was terrifying.


Mortismal Gaming on YouTube experienced exact same thing - Diablo 4, 3080ti. This thread popped up on my phone homepage after seeing his community post as a related topic.

This isn’t trolling, it looks like an issue.


I hate to say it, but Diablo 4 killed my 3080 TI last night. Confirmed today with a new card. RIP friend. You served me well.


That’s weird. My 3070 ti hums at 75 percent sharpness and top graphics settings.

Who is the manufacturer?

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My 3080 ti was fine. Ppayed 16 hours straight. 3600mhz 32gb ram, r9 3900x.


I literally have a 3080 ti and my pc is fine. I would recommend looking into your PC’s cooling configuration bro. LOLOLOLOL


Finally someone who understands hardware. This software cannot override the safeties built into the drivers/card. The op is either lying or the 3080 ti the op bought was just one of many that were made terribly


why are so many people defending blizzard? lol

my 3080 ti is also dead after 2 instances of playing d4 for a couple of hours, display goes blank, pc crashes, gpu fans spin 100%.

it’s not a ‘rounding error’, it’s an issue that is happening to a lot of people.


All of these clowns on here saying it has nothing to do with the game and that it’s just statistics are misinformed; software can definitely render your hardware inoperable, and it’s happened recently with graphics card updates by AMD and Nvidia drivers on windows 11 which were causing them to brick.