Save D4 and make it more interesting

Brief food for thought for developers to break up and improve D4.

D4 has a massive combat system and a dark world. The kamapgane was nifty, but finished way too quickly.

That’s what made D4 interesting.

  • Replayability value is 0.
  • All the mechanics are weak.
  • Item system is lousy.
  • Paragon system not well built.
  • Endgame is not tangible

1.Since all classes feel rather the same no matter how you skill them, except for rudimentary things like melee or ranged combat, there is no reason to play again.
It all feels the same, like a one-way street in a tunnel.
The game needs to be absolutely broken up here, different skill trees per class and with each skill the gameplay of the class changes, what else is the point of skilling if only the animations change?
The path as the goal in ER. Means it takes at least twice as long to the maximum level as now, but the game world conveys one through the story and side tasks fullness and breadth.
The best would still be guild houses with tasks and as a class-specific contact point, also to improve his class.
Simply more separation of the classes in everything, already makes a lot.

2.The item system is already totally monotonous with the little pictures and the whole principle does not work. In addition, the mechanics in the item system are confusing and far too powerful in contrast to the skill system, so twisted world.
Items should only support the skill, but not define the character.
A look at D2 is worthwhile here.

3.Endgame is based on the main game and only expands it.
So there is no splitting of the content, but still a dividing line.
Here, the Paragon system is built in sensibly.

For this purpose, battle zones are created, so to speak, borderlines where the demons follow and conquer fortresses, bridges, villages, altars, obelisks, etc. and the players take them back.
Also, there is a huge dungeon here, which goes underground under the whole huge border zone.
However, this opens only if on the upper world the nodes such as fortresses, villages, obelisks, etc. have been conquered by the players in a certain number x.
In the dungeon itself, there are new seals to capture from the demons, which can be traded for class respeccs, transmog sets, and new looks for spells, werewolf/combatant characters, etc.
The dungeon is much harder than the overworld, however, and gets massively harder towards the bottom.
If the demons overrun the nodes at the top, the dungeon closes and guardian demons appear and patrol the dungeon until it opens again.
The guardian demons are something like a purge squad and the death of players. So port out or survive as long as possible.

In the border zone and in the big dungeon there is only access after finishing the campaign and from then on also Paragon-EXP in these zones.
The Paragon board then expands the existing new split skill system here and supports it more and more.
It ranges from improving existing skills as specialization, more stats and resistances, more defenisve, more offense, better resource generation. So the Paragon system expands the character and makes skills special, both visually and in terms of content.

If D4 develops in this direction, it will also be a good game that you can play for years, because you can lose yourself in the classes, the world and in the endgame with the Paragon system and the border zones, etc., but which does not devalue the game world, but only expands it.

There is nothing more to say about it.
Currently, D4 is simply uninteresting, at the latest when you have 1x through the campaign. There is simply no replayability value out of itself in the mechanics.

But that has already been addressed here x times and the solutions clarified.


They won;t fix it for free just wait for DLC 1
And look if bugfixes are realsed as seasons.>biggest joke ever and people give big applause to blizzard for it. Look gem fix . We realse it as feature in season not a just bugfix. We are all clowns and you should know it already for buying this game.


I am most certainly not spending any more money on Blizzard games. People that are gullible enough will spend some more to meet with more disappointment. They need to wake up to the truth, this is not the old passionate Blizzard it used to be. I am just here to keep updated, but not really surprised what I read here on the forum.

You just can’t expect improvements in a game that was designed to suck money out of the community. This is a finite business model that is catching up with Blizzard already and Blizz started to reap what they sow. Frankly, they deserve everything that’s coming their way.


lot of players have already left, only whiteknights left now, me personally, i wont be back for season 2 or even the “content” packs, blizz had thier chance and blew it, plus starfield is out, poe has a new season, space marine 2 is out soon.

Diablo 4 is not a priority anymore.


I would like to add some more points.

  • Give everyone that bought the game an official apoligy.
  • Pay everyone 30€ back, the game is not worth 70€.
  • Make the scummy battlepass free, it have no place in a bought game, or let it be as it is and pay everyone all the money back they paid for the game, and go free to play with a paid battle pass.
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What today’s developers and backers need to understand is that they are dealing with a more mature and experienced gaming community, especially with sequel titles like Diablo that the same people played as kids/teens/young adults over 25 years ago.

We the players today are no longer 12, but are treated like 12 year olds in the games.

No dear in the case Blizzard team, we are not satisfied to run after a little stick that you throw again and again like the popular four-legged friend.

An adult dark game world and a useful story is not enough. Nor is a tower that I’m supposed to keep climbing, like in GRIFT system or any other kind of number climbing.

Today’s gamers are simply experienced and not completely dumbed down.
You’re dealing with people who have 30 years of gaming experience under their belts and are experts in the field.
They don’t need a “we’ll take it from here” system and pretend you’re 12 years old again.
That doesn’t work anymore.

Players need depth and content that is more than just fetching sticks.
No repainted endgame consisting of a spiral into nothingness is enough, nor is a season system that we keep you busy with, but find a one-way street in terms of content.
That may be enough for a 10-year-old, but not for someone who has read Shakespeare, climbed mountains, raised 3 children, built houses, managed projects, performed liver transplants, made stock deals, or risked his life in a war and has other people on his conscience.

You are dealing with adult people here. Please make some effort to deliver reasonable games for these people, without treating them as if they just stepped out of the sandbox.


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Biggest problem is that the team they have is less experienced in gaming than the players.
Just look up the interviews, fresh teams, no experience.

Think 2 secondes about the fact that they put Non experienced people on DIABLO “THE arpg”. Like 2+2 is 4, you can’t make a great product with amateurs

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I’m not spending any more money on Blizzard either. They either make the game interesting at their own cost (using some of the mega profits) or they lose many players, permanently.

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Nice post OP, too bad it is a wasted space, there are no devs that reads the eu forums, never has been and never will be. (proof; D3 forums)

If you want their attension you have to head over to the u.s forum.

your post makes sense from our point of view but not from the devs point of view, their objective is to get younger players and not us mature ones, thats because we have a brain and see through thier bullshit, whereas the newer players see this game as something new and not the shallow rubbish that it is.

Player drop off after launch is natural.

FYI - PoE2 is being trashed by the PoE fanbase. Starfield is being decimated by the fanbase. SM2 is being ripped to pieces by the fanbase.

Don’t take my word for it. Go to their forums and read up on how these games are being criticized.

In most cases these so called D4 killers are being trashed harder than D4. Way harder.

So don’t proclaim these games to be God like. That is fake news.

Sigh… this old post from you again, this is trash that is trash blah blah, no solid proof provided with links or screenshots, no-one believes you, your just another Pete.

Oh and i didnt “proclaim this is godlike”

My original post was and i quote;

"lot of players have already left, only whiteknights left now, me personally, i wont be back for season 2 or even the “content” packs, blizz had thier chance and blew it, plus starfield is out, poe has a new season, space marine 2 is out soon.

Diablo 4 is not a priority anymore."

Do not mis-quote me with your made up fantasies.

No solid proof? English is obviously not your first language.

I clearly stated that you must visit the games’ forums to read for yourself.

If you don’t know how to do it, go to Google and type in ‘path of exile forums’ or ‘starfield forums’. There is more than enough proof.

You can also go to YouTube and search. Streamers like Asmongold have absolutely trashed the god like games you mention.

You seem to be a troll but let’s see if you can follow my basic instructions mentioned above.

Actually since the above post is going to get deleted by a mod, ill just say this instead…

Keep posting your whiteknight stuff, i don’t actually mind, it means that you will scare more and more people away from the game with your bad attitude, poor standards and pathetic attitude to constructive criticism.

People like Asmongold are doing a fine job keeping people aware of the poor condition of Diablol 4.

We aren’t playing those games are we, we want the rubbish D4 to be improved, fast.

Im afraid this game is so beyond saving … its just some graphics with random doses of boredom mixed into it.

a game build by NON gamers for NON gamers