Season of Blood


Ok if you say so.

Dont need two streams to apologize.

We need a high quality patch.

So much new content they will talk about it for 24 hours on live stream, but then you log in and finish it all in 3 hours.


You mean 2 more livestream about nothing?

They have no real content, and they are not willing to add one, cause they are holding it all for expansion, and even this will be not enough and way to late. Why they ignored rest of the industry and just went with outdated stuff?


“It’s really important to stay humble and not think yourself as big otherwise it would be easy to stop innovating and stop doing what’s need to be done” - Jonathan Rogers, Co-founder of GGG & Game Director of Path of Exile 2

Source : Rykker : Path of Exile 2 Impressions and Interview | Gamescom 2023 Gameplay

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They are loosing milions and probably a bilions of Euro because nobody will spend any money in this game anymore !

There will be people spending money in game, if not on PC then on consoles, beside they don’t really care at this point cause they got very good cash in on release day. If the deal with Microsoft goes trough the game will be on game pass.

Greed is cause of ruin, like everything needs to have microtransactions or be subscription or other form of monetization. Mortal Kombat 1 will have microtransactions, The Crew Motorfest has microtransactions - just the 2 recent ones that I will skip cause of monetization. Now the Unity with new pricing plans and developer backlash, cause Unity wanted to get some money that Genshin Impact made, along with few other mobile games. Whernever you look there is only greed left. Playing games is really bad those days, most of the stuff is sliced to pieces and then sold over the years.

Has ElderNoob been made redundant by Blizzard due to a failed game, or is he ready to jump in and defend them?

First season we helped Tyrone… now we gonna do Blade… …

i just hope they announce when the real money auction house will be in game! hoping for season 3!

Well, you’re going to wait, because it’s never going to happen.

U´re not going to make money like this, boys. All classes are copied from D2 with no variety, i´ts the same ww barb, bliz sorc and so on, same skills with bugs, every class has 1 working build at the best. I doubt, that new season with chain of quests for 1,5 hours play time will make everyone running to buy a battle pass…

One of the deep dives will be about the buffs of different classes.

So they will discuss why they adjust skill X with + 10 % DMG and all that stuff.

We will see some balancing and they will sell it to us as new content?

+/- some percentage here and there, like the patches in the past.

I’m still wondering how to deep dive into a puddle.

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Nope, Blizz have had the last money they are ever going to get from me. Just money-grabbing shysters now. Used to be a great company.