Serious lag and rubber banding today

Any word when they get their stuff fixed? Imagine being a billion dollar company and unable to deliver a smoothly running product.

Same here (EU) Unplayable … disconnections … rubber banding standing waiting for game to respond then died in battle … :frowning:
put a bad taste in your mouth :angry: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
The Question is … Are they gone fix it :((

Died multiple times in Helltide because of the lag, lost a ton of cinders… please fix this!!

there’s no one from Blizzard that checks the forum.
it’s just a web-page where we gather and say our frustrations.
They don’t care!
The only way to make us heard is ALL OF US to stop playing for 2-3 days. Otherwise, they’ll just improve the shop, because that’s all that matters for them


I came back to give D4 another chance in S2. Same crap again with the rubberbanding. Back to Last Epoch.

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Booted from the game once myself this evening. Had to restart PS5 to be able to get into the game again. 2-3 minutes of login time.
Wife was booted at least 3 times, but could fortunately join w/o problems again immediately. That is, until I too was booted, as described above.

It’s been quite some time S2 released… they don’t care or don’t know how to fix their backend.

Blizzard can you freaking fix the DIABLO 4 Servers??? it’s impossible to do OR HAVE FUN with this rubber banding crap laggy unworking attack or skills!! I can barely do TIER 30 with this lag and I can even do 35 with my items now but the LAG IS MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE

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The LAG happens every day mostly at night around 3AM till depends 8am to 12am then it starts going better and next day same thing over again and again… (I do night shifts…)
Some days worse than others but in general very annoying…
I think it has to do with being che… ap… Load balancing on servers send people from eu to asian servers or something…
Today on the other hand I’m experiencing This: Unable to go to Kyovashad reason unknown: tp, waypoint, going on foot, just can’t get in… (crossplay is on… will try off)

It is regrettable thing to see how this game is being treated compared to the crown jewel (WoW)…
Also if the expansion is going to cost 100euros just forget about it… NO GAME AND CERTAINLY NO DLC IS WORTH THAT especially when you see how poorly the game is being treated (the game as well as the players: Only lucky ones are those b*tch *ss streamers… (Because that’s publicity…) )
Oh Hail Streamers… Hail Streamers… '-.-
I couldn’t care less about streamers than I already do…

2024 still ongoing problem with lag. Seriously. This has to be resolved! Blaming other factors besides internal issues with servers and design. I play solo and like to play solo, every time another player passes near me the lag is off the charts. Why can’t there be an option to turn on and off other players? Monsters seem to disappear and become invisible often, that same mechanic should be applied to non-party players.