The worst game I've bought in the last 10 years

I want/demand refund my 90 Euro !!!


How many hours did u play so far?

I tend to agree. The game looks nice, but its not really fun. Blizzard is incompetant. Resistance does absolutely nothing, and apparently they`re incapable of fixing it, but most of the NM dungeons are full of elemental damage. the secondary damage is worse than the monsters in most of them. Too much stupid unnessary crap that takes the fun out of the game.


I agree with you. its crap


i feel exactly the same way.
£90 is a lot to spend on a game that i thought was going to be great.
there are so many problems with it that for me it is pointless even logging into anymore.
i will shortly be uninstalling it and like you i wish i could have my money back


Just wait for DLC that cost 70 euro you gonna love this game again LOL.
Because if bugfixes are realsed as season feature this really show how bad game is.


Absolute right, i dont understand this salad of damage.

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Did you not play Beta or Early Access for FREE?

Same game.

Same here. Not just the worst, but borderline unplayable with all these lags and rubberbanding.

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Beta and early acess were both locked by low lvl. So ilusion worked perfect. And 90% of players would agree that low lvl leveling gearing is fun.


Its not the worst, but not really good either.

The first 40-50 levels are fine. Late game is just a mess from all perspectives. Systemwise and content wise its just bland at best.

Its too bad really since the game had a lot of potential.

It feels like a work of art, that was started by a master and finished by a pupil with little to no experience.


What’s really amusing is that they’re dropping D3 seasons in favour of supporting this excrement. :slight_smile:

You are so desperate to save the game. You must be the only one playing it by now. Pile of pooh that it is.


Except that it is not. That’s because of the crap loot. Full bags of rare items every 10 minutes, each giving like 1% power increase. Sure, campaign is beautiful and building through your skill tree first time is fresh. But that’s it.

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Blizzard Hosted a Diablo 4 Live Event in KOREA, but NO ONE Showed Up



Not the worst, but yes if I rate games by price/level of disappointment. I was able to refund all bad/scam games in the past, but there isn’t any chance with blizzard

90? Mine was 60, why is youre 30 more

Bla bla bla. You all are so funny. jajaja. Uninstall please.

Not the worse game but surely in the bottom somewhere. I did like the campaign so i lvl’d to 57 i think? After that i just got bored so fast. Items didnt make much sense, bugs, no bag space etc etc… To bad i paid 60 euros. Probaly won’t be buying any expensions unless the game gets better alot.

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Not the worst game, but certainly ranks at the bottom level. Had fun initially & then it quickly became a repeat & repeat & repeat & another repeat of the same, same, same & same.

The graphics are nice but it is certainly NOT worth full price.