Technical Support

The Heist PvE Content is not working (6)
Game crashed during heist and can't relog (1)
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Witchwood challenger glitch/bug (3)
Error: Failed to get update. Please check your network connection (2)
Card back changes back to classic (4)
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Hearthstone asking to be updated when it already has the latest update (IOS) (2)
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Haven't received my HCT packs (3)
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Purple Screen, Buttons Unresponsive (1)
Spelldamage buff taken by creature (3)
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Total reset bug (2)
A Dozen Disconnects in a Ranked Game (5)
(Solved) issue with rank (3)
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Not the first time (2)
Tavern Brawl is bugged (3)
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Hearthstone causes my computer to take tens of screen shots while loading (1)
Hearthstone Soloadventures not all available (3)
Black screen do have sound (7)
Mobile Disconnect Issues (2)
Waiting 30min by far for my opponent to make a move (2)
Randomly disconnecting on the opponents' turn (2)
Silent disconnects on iOS since patch (4)