19.2.1 Patch Notes

19.2.1 Patch Notes

This balance update includes changes for Edwin VanCleef and Boggspine Knuckles in Standard, Elistra the Immortal in Battlegrounds, and a few bug fixes.

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The nerf on Boggspine seems a bit weak, agree with the Edwin nerf though.

Let’s see how things unfold.


Surprised with the Edwin one, but agree. The card needed a change, even thou i thought it was going to be hall of famed since it’s the beginning of the new year. And i concur with Jaguar, Boggspine seems quite little. I remember winning (or losing against) many Boggspine attacks without the Corsair on the same turn, so the effect seems very minimal. Maybe in the big scheme of things it will be a great impact, but not sure it will do that much, let’s see what happens.

oi blad boggspine needs to be nerfed down to 7 mana cuzzy.

Edwin change was a long time coming. I too expected them to wait to HoF him and nerf the fox, as a patch to hold us over.

The Boggspine one looks really weak but might do the trick. Currently it’s poor vs aggro and good vs everything else, after the change it should be bad vs aggro and marginal vs everything else, which isn’t a bad spot balance wise.

I started playing Evolve Shaman because I like decks with high RNG, and now feel bad about queueing it up because it’s so OP and everyone plays it.
I hope this reduces it enough that I can feel free to play it as a “for fun rather than for win” deck again.

Just saw I actually had a golden boggspine knuckles, so a nice 1600 extra dust for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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The HoF thing happens at the beginning of “Hearthstone” year, not a calendar year. Edwin will be sent to HoF and unnerfed when a new expansion is released (April presumably).

I know, that is what i meant xD i thought they would wait for the new expansion to HoF it, considering how it’s just a few months away and this nerf was desired by many for so long.

Sorry, I understood your comment other way. English is not my first language :slight_smile:

No worries! Actually it’s easy to misunderstand for the way i wrote it. The fact about the “HS year” was implied, so it’s actually understandable to think otherwise xD my bad!