20.2.2 Patch Notes

20.2.2 Patch Notes

The 20.2.2 patch includes balance updates to Standard and Battlegrounds!

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Lots of stuff here that caught me by surprise. Looking forward to a new and healthier meta. I wonder what this means for GMs…

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3 cards! Really? Looks like a nice buff for Paladin. Paladin, Warrior and Hunter weren’t nerfed at all. Disappointment. I hope the next expansion could change something, I had lost any hope for the Barrens

First day at school and Crabrider are 2 of the highest wr mulligan cards for Paladin, so they’ve definitely been hit.

About crabrider i think its at last ok (warriors still will remain happy),but still 2 cost rush and windfurry on drop with 1atc 4health sounds a gr8 board controller still…
1st day of the school is more like a buff to me and i will explain why : a pala lose round 1(if they have the coin still it’s gonna be huge tempo) and in round 2 he can drop 2 minions .
Keep in mind that there are some great 1cost minions and with 3 to draw the chances to get one of these lucky treasures is increased.
So it seems like the balance isn’t going to happened this time once again.
An other proof is that they didnt nerf Incanter’s flow at all and they “nerfed” water by 1 cost and still returning the mana back :zzz:

I don’t see paying 1 extra mana for an extra random 1 drop you can’t play on turn 1, as a buff. Not sure it’s enough to bring them in line though.

Incanters flow not getting hit was weird.

Sorry but the paladin nerfs are quite substantial. Paladins aren’t hard to play around, especially their secrets so whoever was crying about that just needs to build a better deck. The early game snowballing WAS ridiculous though and that’s been sorted. They are still in need of a minor tweak imo but they are fine. You can drop 2 1 cost minions with 2 mana with any class… just now you don’t get them for free.

Mage is still op but boring so why play it, and at least you know every single mage you play against has the EXACT same deck so you can counter it.

Actually blows my mind that Incanter’s Flow manages to avoid any nerfs at all. Seeing that card on turn 1/2 tilts me off the face of the earth. A 2-cost card to cheat mana on your entire deck for the rest of the match, combined with Mage’s insane card draw… so fun.

Hysteria nerf also kills Kazakus Priest, and now sits awkwardly in a standard control deck as a 4-cost card alongside Xyrella and Samuro. Pretty sure Priest is getting nerfed harder than Mage this patch. Insane.

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The crabrider got weaker, first day in school got stronger, so I guess paladin will stay about the same.

However, their main enemy, warlock/priest has been weakened a lot. Hysteria was a key card to come back from an early beatdown. It is now useless.

So in general, I think paladin will be same or stronger than before.

Also, I dont understand:

  • why they didn’t nerf incanter’s flow? Thats the source of all mage problem.
  • I see they nerfed ALL quilboars. This means they never playtested these cards in the first place?

They tend to aim on the side of too powerful for whole new things, as they don’t want them to be added and be completely irrelevant.

Whilst I do agree with that philosophy, they should have been closer with the quilboars (although it’s still better than when DH launched).

I’ve been looking at the stats on HSReplay almost anxiously and I’m afraid that Paladin wasn’t hit as hard as I expected. It’s true that it’s still very early but I don’t see it happening, or maybe I’m just being too negative. The undeniable fact is that Paladin doesn’t seem at all affected by the changes and the only change was a small percentual that inverted the positions of Druid and Mage, all very marginal though, nothing really expressive.

Regarding Mage, and from my experience playing it, the problem is mostly explosive turns and from their explanation that’s what they wanted to address. Playing Incanter’s Flow on 2 or on 5 is mostly irrelevant so increasing the mana cost is also irrelevant. For instance, if in midgame I have the option to Incanter’s Flow or Refreshing Spring Water, I’m a lot more likely to play the later assuming it’s not discounted already. The nerf makes sense with the rational. You can agree or not but they did what they said they would and it sort of worked looking at the stats. Mage was a good deck with a so-so WR and now it’s a fine deck with a couple of decimals shaved from the WR.

All of this to say I’m a bit disappointed for now…

I think the mini-set is coming soon. Maybe, Blizzard knows something we do not :slight_smile:

So ? Nothing has changed, Got it.

Delete paladin please