21.2 Patch Notes

21.2 Patch Notes

Patch 21.2 introduces the first Battlegrounds-specific keyword, replaces 37 minions with new ones, and adds two new Heroes!

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Fire the devs already.


an explanation of “AVENGE” would have been helpful

Throw these devs out, it takes them months to balance the game and they even failed at that with all the data.


You’ll find more about that in the post here:

…it literally says what “Avenge” means in the patch notes.

It triggers when a certain number of your minions die e.g. Avenge (2) deal 2 damage to all enemy minions, would deal 2 damage to all enemy minions after 2 of your other minions die.

What a joke. These so-called balance updates is not going to dent Warlock much. If anything Stealer of Souls is going to be harder to deal with.

see your wrong ixnay that’s not what avenge does at all , you have to have a minion die then after that any minions you kill on their side counts towards the avenge , so no its not clear at all is it considering you got it wrong

Nope, works exactly as I said. Just watched a game by dog where it worked that way and not how you described.

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