Adventure for gold or real money?


How did you get/do you plan to get the new adventure? With in game gold or real money? Which option would be better?


It depends on what your priorities are. The ones I’m going to add below are relevant only if entertainment or Zayle for the random decks is valuable to you:

  • If you want to support the development of the game, real money seems to be the preferred option
  • If you don’t want to spend money… well… gold!
  • If you want to maximise your pack purchasing, money since you’ll still have the gold for packs (or arena)

Keep in mind that the cost per pack is high, so this is not a good deal considering the packs only. If your interest is in the packs and you don’t care about the entertainment or Zayle, then you can (and probably should) skip the adventure all together. Get the 3 packs from wing 1 for free and leave it.

Edited for clarification.


I’m getting it with gold. Have gather enough gold from expansion to buy it for gold


I don’t get Zayle if I buy the adventure with in game gold?

I care about entertainment (would like to play the whole adventure)! But I’m not sure if I want to waste real money…


Value wise, if you definitely plan to get the content because you enjoy the solo stuff and have the money freely available, the real money is flat out the best option.

I’m almost certainly gona get it with £££ and the way I see it is that I’m actually buying 28 packs of the next expansion by choosing £££ over gold.

Unlike when the original adventures were released, I’m fortunate enough where I now am happy to support the game now and then with £££, so this seems like reasonable value for money, if I definitely decide I want to get it.


Btw I heard that you can change the region for American and buy the adventure and pay less is it true?


I’m not going to purchase the rest of the wings; I wish they made it all for free as the others. They are already getting their income from pack purchases. Starting off the adventure and just cutting it short with a cliffhanger unless the player purchases, is a sad move. This is an increasingly pay to win game, and now it’s pay to fun as well. Dammit


Well… it will be in an American region account. If you play mostly in Europe, you won’t get the rewards or the gameplay in your European account.

You do get Zayle if you buy with gold, after you buy all the wings.


Can you give example of a game which is not pay to fun? Just curious which is this free game which is at the same time fun? All ps4 single player game cost 70 euro for example.


You just have to browse the right shop. If you have the link to the shop just change the “eu” with “us” :slight_smile:


Unfortunately this isnt true, with Blizzard Balance at least. I tried it a month ago, when i bought Naxxramas. When you switch the prefix to US, Blizzard Balance dissapears till you switch back to EU again :confused: Though it might be possible through credit/debit card.