Battleground bug, no fights for 1st place

Just finished a game of battleground where there were 3 players stading. I faced Tickatus twice in a row, the second fight resulted in their elimination. I immediately got second place and never got to fight Tess for first place. It is not a visual bug because I don’t have the 1st place achievement as Chenvaala.

I have a scoreboard screenshot but apparently you cant create links…


Same, this is a problem for 2 months now, Blizz do nothing…

Same here, happened to me too twice In a row

Seems like there have been other people with the same problem as me. I just played a game of battleground in hearthstone. I was lucky and got a hero I haven’t made first place with yet. Then when I’m supposed to play the last remaining player I just get a message that I got 2nd place and the gamejust ends there. Is there a way to track when this is fixed?