Battleground - Sneed bug

Hello i would like to report a bug regarding the interaction with Khadgar and Sneed hero power deathrattle buff on him. When triggered by Monstrous Macaw, it does not summon any additional minions, nor does it trigger while having 2 Khadgars on board and one with the deathrattle dies. It works fine on any other minions tho. Pretty sure this is not intended.

Hi there Cory93,

Please keep any Bug Reports to the dedicated forums here:

I hate the Hearthstone team. The more you play, the more you realize that they don’t understand their own game. The stupid decisions of this idiotic team make the game worse. It’s Battlegrounds’ turn to be affected by this idiotic team. They changed the time for a turn. We stand at each turn and wait almost a minute for the fight after we have made the moves. What’s the point of waiting so long? Why tavern time is so long? The game is made for idiots or for players who know how to play? the blizzard idiots chose to favor the absolute beginners to the detriment of the ordinary player. Instead of playing, wait for no reason, that’s what these Hearthstone idiots wanted. The game has become extremely jerky and boring but especially frustrating. At each game you lose additionaly about 12 minutes waiting. During this time you can curse these idiots who made these changes. On them and their families.