Blocked matches


Hello, I’m writing to you because I have to report a bug in the android application and it only happens if I use the data connection (not the wifi) with a probability of 1 in 8 games: during a game it can happen that my turn gets stuck (not only when it’s my turn), in fact the game won’t let me “finish the round”. if I wait 10 minutes it doesn’t change (even if the internet works) until I close the application and when I get back, it tells me that I lost the game by disconnection. It happens totally by chance and only when I don’t use wifi. Even if I lost the internet for a few seconds, the “reconnection in progress” screen did not come out anyway.


Hello LeiNadd,

Customer support doesn’t handle bug reports. If you believe you’ve found a bug, you can see how to report a bug in our games here.

If you are unsure about game mechanics, then please post on general forum.

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