Bots/ wannabe AI in heartstone ranked

Blizzard can you please do something about the wannabe AI’s that are trying to take over ranked. every once in a while i come across bots where I immediately notice that its a bot. For example: only trying to trigger the hero power and then roping, because as an opponent you can see that the ‘AI’ is not smart enough, to notice that it already has done everything and just keeps spamming the hero power. sometimes the creators puts a timer in between the hero power trigger to make it less noticeable. but then when you play that card where your opponent guesses which one you have chosen (dont remember the name of the card) you can see that it has no idea that it has to choose a card and thus only tries to trigger their hero power and the turn times out.

Anyone else noticing these things in game? I always come across these bots on silver 10 because it does not matter that they lose, there will always be someone that is fed up with the roping and concedes, so that the bot can climb towards level 10 and get the rewards that you get for reaching that rank.

Please blizzard do something about it because this takes way to much time to resolve a matchup.

I was coming across them a fair bit but since they added the report feature a few months ago I’ve only faced 2 (both of which I reported).