Bugs, bugs and even more bugs


If you Silence (0 mana Priest’s spell) Lucentbark and Lucentbark dies, he actually goes dormant and can be revived. Silence removes any special effects including Deathrattles, so this should not happen! Nice spaghetti code Blizz!


Found one more bug just now. Opponent plays Unseen Saboteur, it casts Baited Arrow from my hand on his Town Crier, thus it’s an overkill by 1 but it doesn’t summon my 5/5 Devilsaur!!

fix your God damn game!


The Lucentbark thing sounds like a bug indeed. I can’t remember Sherazin still going dormant after being silenced.
I guess the overkill is working as intended though. Your minions can only overkill during your own turn, so it would make sense for your spells to follow the same rule.


BTW. Spaghetti code not means “code with bugs”. It’s programming “method” of avoiding using functions and objects, so that codefile looks like very stretched wall of code. That code is hard to read, update, prone to errors, and not very reusable. But, just by looking at running program, you can’t say if it is was written as “spaghetti”.


Another bug in new adventure, Shaman hero power that draws a card does not interact correctly with Wilfred Fizzlebang; the cards drawn do not cost 0


If you think you have find a bug then report it in appropriate section