Can I still play the old version Battle grounds

This version is a huge leap backwards undead are fine but no quests make the game dull id rather do over time at work in my spare time.

Blizzard are so unbelievably good at creating something fun then replacing it with something boring.

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Nope tho id imagine theyll add qs again. Tbh im really enjoying s3 haven’t played much bgs since it first released

Pretty bad Update
they ruined Battle Ground
u got undied all the time
Pool are full of it
ur only choise is to go undeid or u will losse for sure
gonna Unistall

I miss the questlines too, but I suspect they’re just allowing people to learn how to play undead + they are seeing what kind of meta evolves before they reintroduce anything layer such as quests or heroes or whatever else.

this undead race season feels boring i would player older seasons instead

BGs are broken again (as usual with Blizzard). Undead rates are way too high and you have no chance of playing anything else. I tried Millie - no mechs, Chenvala? No elementals to speak of.

How is this possible? Every time a new tribe gets introduced, the mode becomes unplayable. And with ultimate boredom in Standard, this game quickly loses any remnants of attractivity…

You can easily get top 4 without Undead too. Dragons, you name it.
The introductory season will be over soon.

I think undead is weak since the nerfs, been beating them with all kinds of stuff since. Genuinely feels like you can win with most tribes at the moment. I won a game with a extremely scuffed trickster build where my scaling was 1 felbat and golden Brann + Mecha Juraxxas attachments. Was very surprised to come first but luckily final boss was undead which lost to the health transfers.

Yeah, given that you actually get a tribe. It has been happening to me on regular basis - I get the basic minions from a tribe, so I say OK, lets do this, but turn 6-8, the game goes nuts and turns that tribe off for me. And do not get me started on tribal heroes…

I mean if you’ve got you’re minions from pre-turn 6 in your final comp, you’re probably gona struggle regardless (except frogs i guess). Turn 6-8 you should be looking to pivot to whatever end game it gives you, rather than being fixated on what got you to that point.

Pre-patch I went 1st X3 (and then a 4th) with putricide with 2 out of the 3 wins being without me playing undead until I got to tier 6 where I pivoted using a tripe hero power.

Putricide is by no means overpowered. His hero power discovers you plain copies of minions x3 of which you never will be able to get 3 of the same types. That means 3 out of your 7 minions will be basic copies and therefor a weaker board than normally. his minions is only useful at early game.

Pre-nerf getting eternal summoners with with reborn + devine shield was ridiculous. Even poison or stealth was good enough. The 2 times I was allowed to use all 3 powers on 6 I crushed everyone.

Since the nerf I’ve actually avoided picking Putricide. If I do use him id probably use his power in the mid-game to try and get the coin deathrattle + reborn combo. Not worth 4 gold early imo.