Card back changes back to classic


Hello! So, I’ve been encountering this annoying bug, where every time I log into Hearthstone my card back gets changed back to the classic one. I’ve tried selecting different card backs to see if the bug was for the card back I usually use (the Samsung Galaxy one) but that wasn’t the case. I’ve tried different ones (like the most recent Rise of Shadows one) and the result was the same. Any idea what might fix the issue, I asked a few friends of mine if they encountered it and they told me they didn’t, so it’s a thing for me only.


Does this only happen with a specific deck or all?

There is two (2) places to set card back (or Hero portrait)

  • Card collection
  • deck editor.

If you set the card back (or Hero portrait) in an individual deck (while in editor), then it overrides the card back (or Hero portrait) set in card collection.

The only way to “unset” the Hero portrait for an individual deck is to delete the deck and remake it. Note, using the in-game copy feature will not work, it just sets it back to the same Hero.



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