Cenarius drop from bundle is not craftable

So i just bought the , Wild Bundle , set and one of the 2 legendary was Cenarius, even i already had cenarius in my Collection and is Uncraftable. In my collection cenarius do not appear as a duplicate, only the core set one appears.

When a card exists in both the Core set and in another set, then almost all ways of looking at the card show only the Core version. The only way to see whether you own or don’t own the other version is to select the correct set in the expansion selector. For Cenarius, that would be the Classic set.

My bet is that you received the Classic version of Cenarius. As mentioned above, you can verify this by searching in specifically the Classic set. You should find Cenarius there.
That version of Cenraius is craftable. You can choose, if you want, to disenchant the card. But before you do, beware that the Core set changes each year. If you keep your Standard Cenarius, then if Cenarius is removed from Core next year, you will still have your Standard copy. If you dust him now, then you might find yourself without any Cenarius when he is no longer in Core.

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you were right, it was in Classic Set, thank you, i will not disenchant it but i wanted to know where i can find it