Classes you like and don’t like

I was curious, am I the only one who has that one class that they will immediately disenchant every card they get so you have dust for others? For me it’s warrior, I feel like it just doesn’t do anything all that interesting compared to other classes like priest has revival, warlock has the most interesting legendaries, etc. Warrior just have stong decks that just feel generic.

My favourite class is probably Warlock. Simply because it has so much removal, has the most interesting legendaries and has so many fun combos.

What are the classes you love and hate and why

I love (playing, those are all op and I don’t want to play against them) mage, druid, hunter, priest and warlock.

I played a lot of those in many different shapes and formes and I feel for them now man, you know what I mean? I feel like they’re my bros now that I understand them.

I used to hate on paladin but once equality got the well deserved nerf the class became one that I enjoy both playing as and against, I think it’s a great class in terms of design.

I’ve always liked shaman but I couldn’t make much of it, I am constantly waiting for more cards for the class but when making a deck I have 50 cards I’d put in, you kind of have to give up on something to do something else while classes like mage and hunter can do it all which is why I can’t say I like shaman that much, it’s good design tho.

Rogue is something I never thought I could get to play and then I opened the Crystal Core and had a whole year of fun, I don’t like the way aggro rogue plays out one bit, I wish rogue had more options, I don’t really like the class.

Warrior is one I played more than rogue, I’d have tempo and midrange decks, I often played double 12/11 Kor’Kron Elite and stuff and I really had fun with it. Otherwise I feel the class has very few options due to bad design, I’m not just saying Explore Un’Goro and deadly Arsenal, Sudden Genesis and Gorehowl, most of what warrior gets is way too fair (I said most!!!) And so it has to always be carried by the same however many op cards it has access to at the time. I also think of all the classes this one is the most likely to have one sided match ups due to poor balance

I don’t immediately disenchant any cards from anywhere that aren’t duplicates as you never know when something might suddenly shift and you’ll need them, but as far as class I don’t like…definitely Rogue. Nothing against it but it just doesn’t suit my playstyle in the slightest and, as such, just don’t feel comfortable playing it.

Not liked paladin for a while, purely because…for a class that has sooooooo much defensive potential, it has been nothing more than a cheap aggro class for well over a year now.

Seem to gravitate more towards that, in WoW, were the ‘caster’ classes for some reason…Mage, Shaman, Priest, Warlock…….my most favoured classes since the beginning of the game. Odd, because I played Melee in WoW :joy:

Well as a few of you allready know im wierd when it comes on what i like and what i dislike

Classes i love: Warlock Warrior

I only play Tempo Aggro and Quest Warrior. I generally enjoy Controll Warrior and i loved it the first few days of RoS but then everyone played it and it just wasnt interesting … (not trying to be a snowflake here or what but it just didnt seem right anymore)

The Warrior Deck i mostly enjoy is my own little Creation in Wild. Its a Reno Hack the System Singleton Warrior :slight_smile: i should maybe still file the edges of that deck but so far its incredible fun :slight_smile:

For Warlock? Zoo!!! plain Zoo … its a really cool Deck with potential to swing big and swing wide. The biggest point for me tough is that the deck can take on everything! Doesnt mean it will win against everythign all the time but i dont think it has a auto loss against any opponent.

Freeze Mage and Controll Warrior are really tough but still doable

Classes i enjoy?

Hunter (love my Dino Hunter OTK Deck :slight_smile: ), Paladin (didnt like it pre Rotation but there are a few funny deck lists you can play and the class itself is very viable with many different cool decks) Rogue in generell but i dont find a deck i like this expansion (or last) Shaman (i mean … the class got murlocs … what did you expect? also it has tempo controll and aggro lists in different variations :slight_smile: ) also mage has a few goot lists (in standard… i know about the class in wild) but atm it doenst fit me too much … i think i have to still experiment with the pilgrims and the sandwitches

i REALLY dont enjoy Priest and Druid which i both gave a number of tries but NEVER felt right to me :frowning:

those Classes feel to me like their whole purpose is ot not loose instead of winning… i know its not really like that but it still doesnt feel right

I usually dont dust stuff at all. not even Duplicates which is a Thing i learned from Ixnay.

When i got 3 Duplicates of a rare i can get 120 Dust but if i dont need it and it COULD be nerfed some times then i got 300 Dust

That really paid off at the HOFs at the Rotation … man i got a few K Dust back there :slight_smile:

I imagine if I only played standard, there’d a shift every meta as to want I enjoy/hate but as is I’m lucky enough to have been around long enough and have enough resources to have decks for every class that I enjoy.

I’d probably put Rogue as my favourite and Druid is my only non-golden hero but it’s much of a muchness.

I used to immediately disenchant everything for rouge as i just never liked the play style or decks it used aldo i have started slightly warming up to it mainly because hearthstone insists of always giving me rouge legendarys but takk as been quite usefull for me boy mogu
Favorite class is a tie between Warlock just because its had some of the most fun decks ive ever played, Paladin because it has a lot of interesting decks (also its been deemed as the annoy-o class) and Priest since it just feels so usefull having silence and ive always been lucky to get the best priest legendarys, for example, boomsday i got zerek and legendary spell, golden chameleos from witchwood and priest quest + Amet, and i got all those from packs.
When it comes to insta disenchant its based on “would i ever use it?” for example i got the warlock bat legendary from gurabashi or mage legendary spell (aldo i regret that one not because i wanted to use it but because it was golden and i could have gotten a lot more dust from it for when it got nerfed)

I practically despise Priests. The cheapest class that can get a 20/20 mana in one single turn for a measly 3 mana and if you don’t have a taunt on the board, It’s an insta kill. Priests also have the highest number of cheap but huge board removals after Warriors. They also have the most annoying emotes and other than that, I just wanna punch the sh!t out of Anduin’s pretty face every time I see him.
8 other classes, I’m cool with. Some archetypes can be annoying (Control Warrior as a good example) but overall that doesn’t make me hate a class just because of one deck.
So yeah, The only exception is the Prick… I mean Priest. Not Sorry!

Frantically hides priest decks remembering last time i had a deck that was not liked

Violently sniffs the air
Violently sniffs the air again
Turns around in a jumpscare form
Approaches the camera
Is that a Priest’s smell I picked?

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5: Mage - Yoggers Poggers, RNGesus.
4: Paladin - Burying mistakes since 2018
3: Rogue - Who Da King? I Da King!
2: Shaman - <jaws_that_bite.exe>
1: Warlock - Because it’s Warlock.

Rouge. I DS any cards I get. Sadly, that I had like 3 rouge quests. Wish I got some other legendaries.

Priest. DS every card in this class also. Such a boring game play.

Druid. I had token and quest decks but DS them in favour for some wild decks. Never liked the class, too static.


Mage. I love mage. My first and only golden hero. I like classes that have a obvious win condition but can still be competetive even if your win condition is milled, you made a mistake or whatever.

Warlock. In wild, I just love warlock (not snip snap). Used to love warlock in standard. It’s still okay to play around with (quest mecha’thun or just quest).

Those two are the ones I really love. I have some warrior and shaman decks but when I play them it’s just because I’m in some pocket. Don’t really enjoy the games.

Dislike: Priest
Like: Any other class than Priest
Reason: You know i’m more into succubuses than those northshire clerics

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I’ve only just come back to the game but there was always 2 classes I disliked.

  1. Rogue - interesting class design and probably one of the hardest classes to play well. The reason I disliked them? No board clears and little AoE… Losing the board normally means you lose the game.

  2. Hunter - No particular reason why I dislike the class, if you enjoy it then fair enough but for me at least when I was playing most hunter decks were just rush and I found that a rather boring play style.

I much prefer control decks over aggro and rush so I enjoy all the great control classes Warrior, Priest, Reno lock and freeze mage etc.