Constant disconnects


Yes, I’m angry.

After last patch the stealth disconnects are constant.

After about 5-6 of them in a row in one game it just stops to try to reconnect and it results in a loss.


edit: Windows 10, no hardware issues on my end. Other games run smoothly, including WoW, internet connection is perfect


Also experiencing random disconnects. My internet connection is great. But not only I get disconnected, i also somehow fail to reconnect. Hey Blizzard, could you please fix the code? It’s literally the worst disconnect handling among all gaming world.

Hi there,

So we totally understand disconnections can be very frustration, and the first thing we’d recommend is these steps:



dude, i feel ya. its so frustrating

Holy Hearthstonemoly

I thought I was alone. I’m having the exact same issue as you, good Lord.

Let’s hope the bafoons fix their cradles.

Hello Arythwinn-2658

First of all, thanks for responding. I understand that what might seem an client-based error at first sight causes you to reply with a troubleshooting guide.

But these kinda replies are more often doing more harm than good. You might need to know that the majority of gamers in 2020 know how to troubleshoot. They’ll check these guides, they perform said checks.

A man or a woman with common sense would first do these checks to than come for help as a last resort. Because what else is left after doing the troubleshooting and it turned out it didn’t work at all? Right? Than people come here.

Having no intention to be harsh, because your intentions are good and understandable, however I’ve run these checks, I even did more checks than the guide assumed. And I’m still facing huge issues.

The one and only i couldn’t do was 4 because of the lack of a long enough Ethernet Cat5E-cable. So I ruled out a wireless connection issues by connecting to other online games and pinging to the Google IP.

It’d be of a great help if you’d be a bit more human in your replies. And not use standarized formats, making you look like a bot which isn’t reading what we write but only recognise keywords such as ‘discconects’ in order to reply with random muggles and woozles.

I’m sorry, I’m frustrated.

Coming back to this thread.

@GM: Yes thanks for the auto template reply, be sure that I know how to troubleshoot stuff like this

Right now the game is simply unplayable AGAIN. been getting constant disconnects and i notice that my opponents get DCs as well.

FIX THE GAME ALREADY it’s been clanky like this since the expansion with Shudderwock - only now it’s at its worst

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I have the same issue. I have a mac fully updated and no problems with any other game or internet connection. But I cannot play a single game of Hearthstone without a disconnect every minut. After one or two disconnects and reconnects the game just stops and I have to restart the game to play on. So the game is simply unplayable atm.

The problem is not only the dc, the problem about stealth dc is that is unables you to reconnect to your game. These kind of things were not happening before the last patch.

The game disconnected me 8 times(!) tonight in 15 minutes. Finished 2 BG games last place in a row because of that. The game is unplayable rn. Internet connection is completely fine.