Current state of meta


Rayven I dont know where i said i was struggling, dont believe i said that. Rogue is bottom tier 2 deck where you getting your facts lol? Im rank 2 at the moment just played 6 rogues and 1 warrior last 7 games so they dont seem to be losing popularity like you claim.

I stated the 3 worse decks for me to play and wondered what others thought, no repsonses to the actual thread at hand.

What is the point of a disussion forum when people choose to make snarky comments and dont actually engage.


Since I made a snarky comment without saying anything on-topic, I wanna remedy that. I have to do this by saying that I agree with Rayven though and here’s why: I don’t mind any deck except bomb warrior. there’s only one reason: I only play control warrior (yea, that’s fun for me :wink: ).

when I meet a token druid I jump up and high-five my favorite stuffed animal because I can already taste the star in my mouth.

I’ve dabbled back into wild a bit and hated playing big priest. really really hated it. then I switched to odd paladin (yea sorry, don’t judge my character because of my deck choices ;D) and actually like meeting big priests now.

so in the end the answer to this question is really subjective and above all, dependent on the hero deck.


Can you gib sum points supporting this statement, or is it blown out of proportion rant like the previous one? Asked you for you deck wanting to help you, you made it about my persona, ok, here you go. Debunking crybabies round 2…

If you make proactive plays (most decks allow it) rogue has no hand, no board by that turn, unless he can replenish his hand quickly it’s gg for him. Especially doable with big mage, hunters, shamans, and warriors.

Core mech/bomb hunter deck runs 12 mag minions.
Ranks 5 and above, hunters use mag as a charg for the 5/5 or 4/1 and 4/4 minions, in rare ocasions keep in hand the 8 mana kill all on board combo. So they not only run mainly mag mechs, but also start maging from turn 3, so the chance to hit a silence on a 0/2 bomb while their hand is empty or contains 1-2 card at turn 5 and make them quit is … 17/2 is my stat this season vs mech hunter, most of them were rage quits by turn 7

Here you go mate, happy to be of service…
now… can you do it?

That comming after “Rogue is super broken” answers my last question :smiley:

Indeed, one can argue that this is the point exactly but the moment I’ve asked you about your deck and why rogue seems to trouble you you got a … yup snarky comment.


What exactly about my post was snarky? Amazing how people get so offended on here by anybody who doesn’t instantly agree with them. You actually did suggest you were struggling by claiming that these 3 decks were problem decks for you. As they are popular decks at the moment, if they are regularly causing you problems then you are struggling. I was offering help and advice as to how to combat them, but given your over-reaction to what was a genuine response I don’t see why I should bother.

As for where I’m getting my info…from here:

You may want to take note of the fact that the average winrate of Tempo rogue is just not even 2% better than the bottom rated tier 2 deck. And a 52% winrate is considered to be average at best in the upper ranks.,…but what do I know huh?


I feel for you, Therampager, I really do.


I was watching a streamer before some days and i saw a ridiculous combo that he did killing his opponent while he was at 30 health in one turn. His opponent had perfect board control and actually he was ahead.

he was playing shaman and it was at 10 mana and he had coin

  • he plays leeroy
  • he buffs it with +3 attack
  • he give it windfury
  • he uses the coin and faceless manipulator, the minion that transforms into a copy of another one (somehow this minion costed only 2 mana that turn, but i don’t know which card he used before, cause i didn’t watch the entire match from the start)

And now he has… leeroy with 9 damage buffed and windfury = 18 damage + the same damage from manipulator = 36 damage.

I was not impressed about the combo, honestly it is not a very complicated combo to think about it. But i was impressed how ridiculous this game has become. He just used 4 cards to deal 36 damage and that’s all.


Well it was the rng which caused farsight to draw faceless manipulater i assume.

So its by far not doable every game.

Still its a tough cooky ofc like waggle pick leeroy on turn 10

But im sure we can all agree that every single hearthstone player was saved and got screwed by rng at least one time on his life.


Also it had to be 5 cards because leeroy got windfury

Technically 6 cards with farsight because of the cost reduction.


Agreed 100+1% considering Rogue.

Mech Hunter is quite balanced. I dont think its brainless. You need to protect your board to Magnetize your minions, it requires some planning on how to Magnetize correctly in the upcoming 2 turns, playing around Sap or Silence forces you to avoid Magnetize completely, etc. Actually Hunter is very skill testing. You need to find a balance between controlling the board and going face; when its the right time to get greedy, when not, when to go wide, when to go tall. Midrange decks like Mech Hunter make HS feel healthy again.

Warrior now… for sure they are beatable. Especially Bomb Warrior. Control Warrior is tad of a problem. Games take too frustratingly long. I also feel theyve got an unfair advantage over other classes, since its the only Hero left in Standard (along with Hagatha).

The ‘problem’ from my angle is:

  • Permanent Rush
  • Omega Assembly
  • Delivery Drone (Dr. Boom’s Hero power)

but here’s the thing. You cant nerf Dr. Boom coz even as he is, he comes nowhere close to lets say Bloodreaver Guldan or Deathstalker Rexxar. If you HoF him, its unfair coz Dr. Boom didnt see enough play, compared to previous DK Heroes.

So maybe its better to leave him as he is and nerf other Warrior key-cards.


Yes these kind of combos can’t happen in every game, but in my opinion they would not even exist in the game. Because it doesn’t matter how good you play to take control of the board, you can still lose because the other one got the 5 cards to kill you in one turn.


whereas if you play well consistently, it doesn’t matter if you lose a game here and there in which the opponent pulled a miracle 5-card-combo on you.


The Hunter varied deck with the mech package counters warrior, combined with secrets package defeats rogues or the beast spec with weapon removal, with spell spec as hunter you keep removing the mechs. The Hunter class is the most common and varied of all to counter the decks you mentioned.

The warlock class can cope with the above with control and zoolock packages put in there are enough out there.

The shaman, druid tokens has good success to a degree on the decks you mentioned.

The paladin with dragon or the healing package is a hard counter and has 50/50 chance vs warrior.

The mage class has a few tricks freeze, big minion mage, token mage with alots of small spells to trigger.

The meta may of settled but to say the 3 decks you list are OP they are not.


that’s not even so bad, it’s the early game tempo that breaks it so hard, other aggro decks can not compete with that, making a board of their own that contests the rogue’s without leaving their face open


I think you should take a break from HS and do something else. Summer is just around the corner, so maybe start with getting your beach body ready.
No, it won’t fix the current problems in HS, but you will be happy long term and that’s something worth more than any balance fixes Blizzard can offer.


I merely tried to start a discussion as this is a forum. So everyone is clear I didnt state I was super unhappy and needed a break and nor did I ask for anyones help because I was struggling. Tbh I dont see how people have reached either of those conclusions.


It’s quite incredible, I agree.


HAs become? Lol

What you describe is actually really low chance to pull in standart, much higher in wild with taurisian.

Also the moment Thaurisian was introduced - 4 years ago, that was exactly the combo used from locks.
Leeroy + PO + Faceless for 20 dmg, or even double PO for 28 dmg.
Basicly if you drop below 20 hp, and lock played emperor on full hand, and you didnt get any taunts or healing it was a face race at this point

4 years ago…

“What have the game become in 2019”


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Hmmm well neither of us said anything to you, yet you come with an insult fit for a 5 year old, complete with lisp. Most of your posts are like this though so its no surprise. If you’re not currently in School maybe grow up??


Well…it wasn’t an insult in any way, shape or form. It’s called a joke. You can find the definition here if you need it:

Your attempts at righteous indignation are beginning to become wearisome


I interpreted it as an insult, you as a joke. Dont start linking dictionary definitions at me like you’re super smart and I’m thick. He’s clearly taking the piss so in my eyes that’s an insult, and because it’s not directed at you, you consider it a joke. Thats up to you, but I dont need you telling me how to take anything.