Donald Trump Reference


I think Trade Prince Gallywix is Donald Trump and this is a legally safe way for Blizzard to express their disdain towards Trump. Listen closeley to the way Gallywix talks and then compare it with Donald Trump


the card was released in 2014 though…


Dude… i think its time to put the tin foil hat away, as khisana said he was a character from 2014


Trade Prince is also one of the bosses in the new adventure. And yes, he has Trump quotes (like the ‘worst deal in history’ thing)


This has been the worst deal in the history of Azeroth!

  • Trade Prince Gallywix upon buying a Coin from me.


ah ok, didn’t know that.



yeah, ok - Khisana is right for HS,
But the character first appeared in Cata, so he was in a WC related game since Dec 7th, 2010 and probably concepted in early 2008.


forum MVP right there ;D


I’m, admittedly, crap with computers, how do you embed an image on the forum?


I was just agreeing with the appearance in hearthstone in 2014, no need to WRONG gif me T-T
But that does prove even futher how off this theory is
Also cool, all i knew about gallywix is that he might have been in world of warcraft but beyond that i just know him ad a hearthstonr card


I have no idea, just used a tenor link

Suree, just used the reply under yours as a entry point to the convo <3

And the gif seemed apropriate


I think your obsession with DT gotten out of hand.