Exchange Student - DO NOT PLAY

Just a quick heads up,

DO NOT PLAY THE EXCHANGE STUDENT. Blizzard has released a new map for play that’s from Scholomance, and the card simply doesn’t work on it, so I advise you not to use it, as nothing would happen.

I get it, it will work once the expansion is released and the Exchange Student will give dual class cards, but for now it doesn’t work.

My question being, why have you released the map if it won’t work yet completely?

What’s likely happened is all the content for scholomance has been added it’s just currently locked until release date but a side effect is the map is now available as the devs never needed to lock away a map as until recently there was nothing that interacted with the map.
However you are correct in that it will work once expansion is out as content will no longer be locked and exchange student can give out the dual class cards.

TLDR: content was added and locked away but devs never had a system to lock away maps

What do you expect, this is no longer Blizzard Entertainment it’s the infestation of the cancer within the gaming dev world Activision who has taken over. The old reliable Blizzard is dead, deal with it.

First off, chill, secondly I think you got Activision and EA mixed up, thirdly what does any of that rant have to do with 1 rare bug that’s going to be fixed in a few days.


That’s just rude

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It is the truth, rude or not… No EA is a massive piece of S***t, but Activision is not far from the same, they killed Blizzard, that is fact.

Still it’s excessive to say such thing for just one minor detail they probably overlooked, cause as Leo stated, they never had the need to lock the maps when they uploaded the stuff for the upcoming expansion. Big or small company, it’s made by people, that can do mistakes and we should accept them, especially if small. The point of the topic is alerting players to not play that card for it will have no effect on the new board, and possibly alert Blizzard into fixing or rethinking it for the future maps that will be released with every expansion.
I concur that the old Blizzard is not the same as the new one, but to say they’re dead is a little excessive, in my opinion. They grew in a big company, they have different things to think of, making lot more mistakes thinking more towards profit, but i still think the quality is there. They still do good games and work on them to try and improve and fix them when unbalance, cause it’s still not an easy job and as humans they can still do mistakes.


chill out blad. swer down blizz gone down big time and ting.