Game on Android freezes when connection is low



I play a lot of hearthstone on the train while commuting. since last patch when my connection gets lower normally I just got the “reconnecting” message. but since this patch the game just freezes and doesn’t reconnect at all. thoughts?


Huawei p20 pro

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I have an issue where instead of reconnecting the game shows everything is still running buts it not. like ropes never appear.
running on android 7.0 s7 edge.

Another used used the term Silent disconnect.


I have exact same problem on my two android devices Huawei P9 lite 2017 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Happened to me during oponent and my turn also, card or ability is played and game freeze and turn will never end. If I close app and start again, I get message that I lost match due to disconnect, when you play high ranked games, it really sux. I usually play on stable wifi, sometimes on data, but it happens randomly on both. Why is this happening? Can I prevent this somehow?


If you notice it fast enough and kill the app and start again it usually reconnects to the game but its really hard when its your opponents turn and everything seems to be running fine.

As for a solution i have none, just trying to stay away from arena for the time being.


Same on Ipad. Been a recurring problem they refuse to fix for some reason.


This seems to happen when 4G is not available and your phone switches to 3G.

Sometimes I can work around this by sending commands just after my phone switches to 3G (I’ve had time to learn the places on my commute route where the signal is lower)

Still, it would be nice if the game didn’t disconnect during these switches. I have played on really bad 2G and it’s still enough to send and receive commands. The only issue is the game not liking connection switches