Got korvas bloodthorn as one of the 3 legendaries from golden wild bundle

Is this normal? I thought I had this card both normal and golden version. Actually everyone has it and it can’t be dusted? Where did it go?

Kor’vas Bloodthorn was included in the Core set during the previous standard year, and created specifically for that purpose. As a Core set card, all players were given copies (at least regular; golden depending on level progress) on loan.
This year, Kor’vas has been removed from the Core set, and at the same time added to the Legacy set. The versions you had in your collection before April were removed at that time, since they were only on load. They were replaced with the various cards that were added to Core for the current Standard year.

The card you opened from a pack is not the Core set version of Kor’vas (since that card no longer exists), but the Legacy set version (that was created as a new card in the game this April).