Hearthstone installed but i don't have the play button

prkmdnh, me lo concedi un prkmndnh ?

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Ah clever word it means “i hope it gets fixed soon” right?

I also Prkmdnh then.

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Same problem Even starting Hearthstone from the Hearthstone Directory won’t work. It just tells me that I have to update and then back to install.

found a solution on the US forums : start the battlenet app, fully close and exit for 1-2 minutes then restart, then the play button should reappear. This worked for me on EU.

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Hey folks,

Thanks for all the reports! Our teams have been working on this and recently released an update for the Blizzard Desktop App that should resolve this issue. To pickup that update, please close the launcher and ensure the processes are all closed from the task manager.

Alternatively, you can try restarting your computer to ensure all the processes are fully shut down.

On restarting the Blizzard Desktop App, it should pickup the fix. If you still experience an issue after that, we can try fully removing and reinstalling the Blizzard Desktop App by following these steps.


It is solved for me. Thank you!

doens’t work for me… fully removed the directory; reinstalled; restarted pc; same problem

after doing the same procedure a second time: it works fine now; thanks

Diablo is fine for me. Seems to be random. Also hearthstone works just fine on android. Must be a windows pc problem.

Solved for me too.

Same here same here same same same…

i have the same problem and i sut down my pc for 10 hrs :smiley: still have the same issue now i deleted the heartstone from my computer but i cant install.

This fixed it for me, thank you!

I have the same issue since yesterday

same issue error BLZBNTAGT000008FC

i have got the same problem . Yesterday game was working and now “play” button has changed to “install”. But somehow it cant be installed… option “find game” also doesn’t work even if i have it on my disc.

EDIT: Restoring system to last point in time solved problem. But still i have no idea what could cause it .

I have the same problem on two different PC’s since yesterday… Only install button appears, locating the game doesn’t work, can’t install the game. Is this Bnet related or something on my end? Seems odd, since it affects both my PC’s.

same issue here on PC, appeared on 12 Sep around 21:00 CET. I played one match of HOTS without issues, exited the game and found that the PLAY button for HOTS and HS got replaced by INSTALL. doesn’t locate, doesn’t update, doesn’t play. on Android device HS is still working

//EDIT: followed instructions form the web to clear cache folder in AppData. worked. no reinstall needed

My husband and I got the same problem this morning.
As we turned our PCs off yesterday Windows 8.1 had an update.
Can it be related to that??

After trying the solution with: Turn off all bnet stuff for 1-2 minutes everything is back to normal.

I have the same problem since yesterday evening, couldnt find any solution. Blizzard hear us!

He all,

Thank you for using the search function to try and find a solution or answer, but please do not bump such old threads. If you cannot find a recent thread that matches your description, create a new thread for yourself instead.

For now, please delete the Battle.net Cache and Battle.net Files and see if the play option returns afterwards. Make sure to follow the steps closely and first close the Blizzard Launcher completely before deleting the folders.

If that does not improve things for you, create a new thread here so we can look into this further.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!