Hearthstone installed but i don't have the play button


Same, if I go install ( no play ) It stuck on some error… No idea how only few are affected suddenly…


Same here! that definitely requires some card packs as compensation!


Same issue, deleting caches and trying to reinstall things just made it worse.
Heros of the Storm and Hearthstone have dissapeared.


Same problem for me, as ig the game vanished prom my pc


What am i going to do? I am a few wins away from legend and i can’t login to the game!


It says they are experiencing “login issues” and looking for a fix. I do hope they mean this problem (although I wouldn’t call it “login issues” exactly)


Same! please fix this issue! thx


Same issue for me here


Same issue… Done all the recommended steps, nothing seems to work :frowning:


Same problem here, waiting to get it fixed I guess


Same problem here, also stuck on “updating blizzard agent”.


Same problem here. I can play with my ipad tho, but I hope this gets fixed soon.


Same issue here can’t push the play button :thinking: have restarted my pc 4 times now hmm…


Same issue, with HS and Heroes


I have the samme issue, I tried uninstalling it and it just kept loading forever. So I deleted the entire folder and it still wont work it just gives me the error pop up window when I try to install it.


Same here. Hearthstone, Starcraft, Diablo


Exactly the same error msg BLZBNTAGT000008FC. Same Update / install issue. Small indie company.


Me too. Same with Starcraft II and hots, diablo III is fine.


Same here, Battle net cannot find installation folder of any game actually installed


I should have gone here before trying that…

Confirmed, trying to reinstall bnet does not help. Interestingly, only my Windows PC is affected. On my Linux machines, HS still runs flawlessly.