Hysteria Wrong Rarity - Darkmoon Races Mini-Set

The card “Hysteria” from the newly released Darkmoon Races Mini-Set is described as a card with the rarity “Rare” on the official blog.
But in game it’s an Epic. Though only visually it seems. Since the enchanting cost of the card is the same as a Rare card.
When I opened the pack the Innkeeper said “Epic” and the violet reveal effect was there as well.

Quote from the official blog post:
“The Darkmoon Races Mini-Set, launching worldwide on January 21, consists of 4 Legendary cards, 1 Epic card (x2), 14 Rare cards (x2), and 16 Common cards (x2)—which can all be obtained from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire card packs!”

Edit: The original post below is now obsolete since I own every rare card from the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Expansion. So the duplicate protection seems to be working fine, but I can’t say for certain.

A few minutes ago I purchased the “Darkmoon Races Mini-Set” for 2000 Gold.
Up until the announcement I saved some Darkmoon Faire Packs because there was a rumor that you could only obtain the cards from the Mini-Set by opening Dark Moon Faire Packs.
Since you can just purchase the entire Set I thought it would be a good idea to buy it first and then open my packs to avoid opening cards I would get in the Mini-Set anyway.
But to my surprise I opened my first Darkmoon Faire Pack and got a third copy of “Hysteria”. Even though I don’t own all the Darkmoon Faire Epics.

Does the Duplicate Protection not work for the Mini-Set? Are they treated separately but are obtainable in the same pack? Or is it an oversight/bug?

Hysteria is Rare, not Epic.

I didn’t even notice.
On the blog post it is a rare card. But in game it’s an epic.
It would indirectly answer my old question since I own every rare card.

Lol, you’re right, it is DISPLAYED as an Epic :slight_smile: A new bug I’ve never seen before :slight_smile:

Look at the crafting/disenchanting cost - it has values of a Rare card.

Well, from a developer point of view, this is quite strange - I thought a card would have a single “rarity” attribute, but it looks it has two of them… One for display and another one for crafting/collection tracking.

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I will change the Topic to the new problem regarding the rarity of “Hysteria”.

Newest Patch 22 January 2021 fixed the Rarity. It’s now a rare.