I don't like this update (undead)

this update really bad, undead with reborn & deathrattle = disgusting

It’s way to strong in the late game at the moment, so hopefully it gets nerfed quick.

The removal of quests has also really hurt. Not because the quest have gone per-say but because how it’s made the strength difference between some heroes to be pretty ridiculous.

I am really for a change, enjoying this patch. Quests were ridiculous. And this time, it is really fun. Although I am loosing 70%+ of my games…

This topic returns each time a new tribe is introduced.


Yet we keep asking for an effective nerf of scam builds and poisonlocks

As someone who hasnt played bgs in months its great fun

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ngl, its pretty bad… in fact, its so bad that ive quit BGs myself and are now maining arena completely. although, there are still some viable builds if you can manage to get above the threshold like double tea guy or double golden magmaloc, highroll mechs and whatnot.

mechzodia is still doing quite well, not to mention. youll figure it out :+1: