Is Duels suppose to suck and be unfair?

Seriously? Why do my first opponent get the cards they always need while I have to struggle with the deck they give me?

So much for “Worthy Opponents” when the moment they give me the cards its already a mismatch.

First opponent is almost always hard in Duels.

Almost always.I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve lost my first match in Duels.
I’m telling you from vast experience. Then things even out as you gain treasures and build up your deck further.

I feel you fella. I feel like i rarelly get a 100% perfect deck aswell.

yes it is. Duels is full of endless card gimmicks and one shots

Are there any good death knight builds for duels?

Just search the web. If you want an easy deck to play Duels, just play Bomb Warrior.

My main gripe with duels is how it works currently and DK’s. Since they only have one expansion to pick from they don’t really have any bad buckets. So no matter which color they choose to go with they will get bucket after bucket with cards that support their archetype whilst other classes, even when limiting themselves to a few expansions, get less consistency.

Oh, and Heavy Armor passive for a blood DK whose entire game plan is to get health, heal up and stall out the game…is just an instaconcede for me

I much rather preferred the old system

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I don’t think there are any bad buckets for any class. You just pick what suits your build and mana curve the most.

Well. I guess that depends on what you consider bad and what you consider suitable for your build.

If my build is cheap spells Elise with dragon soul weapon then expensive minions won’t fit that build but I still risk getting them all since the buckets are based on the expansions of which I built my deck upon.

DK’s currently don’t have to worry about that since they only have one expansion to build from and with the color system, a very limited card pool. So no matter if they go blood for grindy survival, frost for face damage spells or undead for wide cheap minion armies, their buckets will always suit that build.

Ofc, this will be less of a problem in the future as more cards for Dk’s are created including ones that won’t fit the theme, but right now…it’s unfair and it shows.

I’ve had very successful runs with Secret Hunter, Discard Warlock, Bomb Warrior,Outcast Demon Hunter, various Mage and Death Knight builds.

I’m not saying you can’t be successful with other decks. That doesn’t change the fact that currently Dk’s get an unfair advantage with less rng in their buckets.

I’m not whining. I understand why the system works in favor for DK’s right now and I know it will fix it itself over time. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. It’s a flaw in the system when you introduce new classes in a game mode that allows wild cards. Has been there from start.

Edit: Well…this was admittingly me whining…

“Oh, and Heavy Armor passive for a blood DK whose entire game plan is to get health, heal up and stall out the game…is just an instaconcede for me”

But that’s because that passive for a class that can easily increase their life total beyond 10 HP and then just keep healing only taking 1 hp damage per attack is, in my opinion, overpowered.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that passive only work for the last 10 health you have? Quest Priests used to have Amara set their health to 40 with the treasure only to find out their max health being raised didn’t matter for the Heavy Armor so they stopped picking it if I recall.

Iirc, Amara’s buff to 40 got set back to 10 with the passive but that’s not what happens when DK’s use Vampiric Blood.

I just played a game where my opponent killed me on turn 2 (for real) with 0 possitibility for me to counter it. It was a priest with manacheats and damage to my face every time the played a spell. Just discover spells, do damage, discover more spells etc. I had a fun run up to that point. But seriously what are they thinking making that possible? I was sort of glad I had a onedrop and then turn two happended and the run was over…

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That would be nice, if they actually give me the cards to do that.
But nope. Only crap.

If you don’t have the cards for a good starter deck, then it’s a problem. But please consider that this a free-to play game with a premium art style. You either spend your time earning the cards through grinding, or you spend money to buy packs and save on time. Time and money are equivalent.

We all want everything for free, but that’s not how things work. If you spared nothing getting Hearthstone, then you can’t expect all the content to be unlocked to you from the start.

Much like everything in this game, yes…yes it suppose to suck and be unfair.