Issue with loading arena

I have issue with loading arena in EU - after i click arena it never progress further just centre circle still rolling (i try it several times with the same result after exiting battlenet). I also try load arena in NA on my account and it loads almost immediately so it can’t be just problem with connection. Eventually i launch Repair tool but it didn’t show any problems to fix. Last thing which i could try is reinstralling the game, but i doubt it can help with my problem so i didn`t try it yet. I have probably active free ticket to arena in EU so it can be related nevertheless I will appreciate any help with my issue.

same problem, also have free arena ticket + its been a while since i’v played so it might mess up cause of my old arena deck, this game has never been a pleasure loading up, slow, visual bugs, p2w etc…

same here, somehow while it was on the forever going loading screen I got to click on play by making some random clicks and played a game with an already going run. maybe reinstalling would solve it? idk

Heya Folks,

We’ve seen a number of players reporting the same issue and this is currently under investigation. This appears to be account level as the issue persists across installations and devices (phone/pc).

Thanks for your understand and patience as the investigation continues.