Keywarden Ivory CANNOT get Mini-set's dual-class spells

Hi all! I’m here from a series of attempts to generate some of the new dual-class spells, released with the Darkmoon Races Mini-set, off of the Rogue-Mage Legendary Keywarden Ivory, herself also from the Mini-set. But… nothing: only the Scholomance dual-class spells show up.
I’ve been trying this out against the Innkeeper (which I think is considered as Wild or at least it includes all cards)… is this mode being bugged the reason or did Blizzard ban (seems strange) the Mini-set new cards from Keywarden effect? Or is this Legendary just bugged in general?

(I hope this isn’t considered spam since I’ve posted this two times: one here and one on US forum - let me know if this is a problem -)

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