Lastest cards rebalance

hello. after rebalance some cards i wasted dust on 4 days ago are irrelevant. i know i can disenchant changed cards for their craft price but rebalance moved whole deck from t1 to t3, so cards it contains are now useless. how can i disenchant em for crafting dust price to make a new deck?

Cards that were changed to be weaker (“nerfed”) can be disenchanted for full value for a period of two or three weeks following the change.
Other cards can be disenchanted, but not for full value.

About a week ago, Blizzard already announced that there would be balance changes this Tuesday. If you then still decide to craft cards for a strong deck, knowing that strong decks are the most likely targets for nerfs, then that is your own choice.

loaner decks shouldnt be target for nerfs, looks very greedy.
also i came to game less than week ago