Legendary Minion Idea, need opinions


I was watching Trump’s custom cards of the week and I got this idea. It would be low mana cost like 3 or 4 with generally low stats, neutral legendary with: Battlecry: counter the next spell you play and make it your hero power.

The mana would stay the same, for example if you played smite as priest, you hero Power becomes (1) deal 2 damage.

Lemme know what you think, I have the feeling it would be powerful if used right, also it would probably interact weirdly with combo cards such as headcrack


Mage plays this card, then Ice Block.


I think as a 10 mana 0/1 this might be OP.

There’s just too many spells that are ridiculous if you have the ability to play them every turn.

I think the only way this type of mechanic can be salvaged is if it was “discover a new hero power” but make the same 3 always appear (different for every class). That way you can keep the flavour but stop the game breaking stuff. So for Priest it could be smite, circle and silence. Even with this huge restriction, I still don’t think you could balance it for all 9 classes, some just don’t have spells that are bad enough to allow them to be available every turn.


Oh sod, yeah didn’t think about that, yeah now that I think about it yeah this is completely broken


Im going to be honest here, i was confused for a good second think you two were the same person cause all my brain registered was “Has juraxxus pic, but have name starting with a P and have bear in it”

as for the idea, yee… no, a lot of spells break it, for example as mentioned, ice block, coin brakes this cause infinite mana, frost nova just stops the opponent from ever attacking… yea to much to break it



Rogue plays a spell that destroys an enemy minion
Now he can do it infinite times

№1 Masochist idea


Imagine if Warlock could get Drain Soul, that’d be op!


Paladin plays time out.


That’s more like Lightning Storm.

Valid point though.