Limited time Heroes

I know this one has been mentioned multiple times throughout the years via various players/users through the forums and other online forums, however I’m just wondering whether some of the limited time Heroes will ever return to the store? (those that were part of bundles etc)

I missed out on a couple of heroes at the time due to not being in a financial position to be able to spend that extra money.

I understand players enjoy their ‘exclusivity’ with these purchases but it would be nice to see them in the store again for those of us that were unable to purchase at the time or those players who may be new to the game.

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To be honest I’d be happy if they came back as stand alone purchases that way I dont have to spend $80 to get the portrait I want when most of that is for the packs and I just want the portrait

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I do hope the same, and it is a probable thing to expect from the future.
They did put Nemsy and Tyrande as obtainable heroes for a limited time again in the store (even if for free). I’m guessing they’re going to do something similar, doing a sort of rotation where they’ll add heroes purchasable or free. Seeing even how they added the possibility to buy card backs from the past for those who missed them, i believe it will happen.

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I’m not against it but I guess in the end it comes down to how much the backlash would be from people who bought specific bundles for heroes advertised as exclusive. Pretty sure Bli$$ard aren’t against making more money from re-releasing them :grin:

Haha yeah I agree, I wouldn’t mind paying for those that I missed out on though.

FYI for anyone who missed Tyrande, looks like she’s back in the store to grab for free.

Pretty sure they won’t be coming back. Otherwise majority of the people (including myself) just wouldn’t buy the Mega bundles and go for the cheap one. Company like Blizz wouldn’t let such a huge part of their profits go down the drain. Also i don’t want them to sell something that’s branded as “exclusive preorder bonus” to people that didn’t invest into preorders in the first place. What’s the point then? My opinion is an unpopular one for sure, but that’s just how it is.

Another thing is that it wouldn’t go through with others who preordered aswell.

TLDR: no they won’t return, however stuff like Tyrande/Khadgar and old ranked card backs will.

Nemsy has always been a free Fireside Gathering hero, still is to this day. Go get her if you don’t already.

Tyrande was a Twitch freebie and Khadgar was in a WWF + Apple charity bundle (i was surprised to see him return, however it was a bundle exclusive to iOS devices so it’s fairly understandable that a lot of ppl missed him).

And they’re adding free card back from ranked, not preorder stuff. Yet.