Lost acces to account

When i on accident locked off my main account. No worries just lock in again. Well then it asked me to answer my secret Security question. And i cant remeber that at all. So What? Just get it reset Right? No here is the problem. The mail i used to create my account in 2015 does No longer exist, as it was one given to me by my primary school. So i cant reset my password, Security question, Or change the mail as you have to lock in to do that. I Can provide all information off the account and the in-game content it has. As Well as id. Does anyone know How i Can solve my problem?
Best regards a frustratet player

i tried something simular a few years ago, i asked for help in the support, and they asked to ID myself, so i took a picture of 3 documents with my name on it + my health insurance certificate, and bam had my account back in just a few hours.

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Okay Thanks Dude! But i cant Seem to find it on Their support site But prehaps i didn’t look closley enough. Will look again. Ty again!

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yea, i just grapped a random support to get in contact with a human so that i could explain my situation.