Mission: Out-control the Control Warrior



A mix of mill, Thief, Tempo, Aggro and control styles. Did that feel good? Hell yeah it did!


mill decks kill controll decks soyou had favourable matchup to begin with

You had a bunch of missplays starting at mully and lucked out heavy getting that book and that hehe made major missplays.
don’t want to diminish the achievement - just sayin

Missplays: The biggest one is - not applying enough agresion early one and over zealous trading. I can see the reasoning behind that (holding circle of healing) but still - you don’t seem to understand the matchup. And tried to play it on his ground.

That warrior (he played enough cards to give you info what exact deck he is runing) wants you to trade instead of going face, and as much as rogue lack a recovery mechanic you could hope for a card from another class to do it and finish the game by turn 6-7


I was aware that the mulligan was a bad start, But the only reason I kept Agent was that I never do and thought a little change wouldn’t be bad this time.
I can see what you mean about the early aggression. I’ve faces Control Warriors in the past, But I’m kind of a tempo player and tried to maintain the board for a while and force him to burn something to clear my smaller boards. Luckily that kinda worked and he played both his rush minions and the AoE ones. Also tried not to fill the board too early and keep the combo’s for an emergency.
The milling just came to me suddenly as I noticed he was holding into too many cards and thanks to Ethereal Lackey, Sap kinda helped with that.
Yeah I think I could’ve made it slightly faster, But I think this was the first time I tried to purposefully play the slower game and see how it worked against a control deck like this one.
Gotta say the Discover mechanic has actually kinda impacted the Warrior.