No monthly packs received


Hope this is the right forum for my problem.

The season has just ended and I reached legendary rank in that one. For the seasonal reward I only received some cards but not the 5 packs.
I logged in this morning on my iPad where I recieved the “reward”(free cards but no 5 packs) and checked on my pc as well but the 5 packs are missing.
When I opened the reward my iPad the 5 packs where there but they do not show up in “Open packs”. I have preordered the bundles for next expansion and I can see those packs.

I guess it’s a bug that could be fixed.

I’ve noticed that when i got my rewards the packs were for the new expansion of Scholomance Academy, therefore i cannot open them until next week. Most probably you didn’t notice they were from the Scholomance Academy expansion, and the reason you don’t see them is cause they got mixed with the ones you pre-ordered. This is a possible explanation i can think of, you should check and see if that is the matter, otherwise yeah, it’s a bug and i hope you get your packs.

You are right sir. Apparently lost track of how to count :slight_smile:

Please delete this post. Problem solved

i had the same and opened a ticket, guess i can delete my ticket now.