Omega Devastator off Omega Assembly?

Just watched Frostee get it off the Omega Assembly like right now in the Hearthstone tournaments. What!?

the change to discover took away the occurrence bonus for class cards, so that they have the same chance to appear as neutral cards. it didn’t take class cards out of the pool. I assume that’s what this is about.

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nope, you dont discover when used on turn 10 as you gain all 3 and that didnt get hotfixed i guess, might be intended might not but the discover nerf was intended to nerf warriors so its probably blizzard who dont know how to program the game.

False. You do discover cards, but you just automatically keep all 3 choices.

Ok he got class cards from what esentially is 1 mana “add 3 random mechs to your hand” which is perfectly normal since the only minions they can’t get are minions that normally can’t be found into a warrior deck.

If Khisana’s post didn’t help I doubt you’ll even consider mine…

Btw. You worthless bastard can’t just come to the formus asking for help and when offered help procede to insult those helping you. I hope your parents have better sons.

What bug? You didn’t explain

to me this sounds like you think that class cards won’t show up as options for the discover mechanic. in other words, that you only get neutral cards from the discover mechanic after the change to it.

that’s not the case. before the change, class cards had an occurrence bonus. they appeared 4 times as often as neutral cards among your discover options. in other words, it was like there were 4 copies of every class card in the discovery pool and only 1 copy of every neutral card.

this occurrence bonus has been taken away. now a class card has the same chance to appear as a discovery option as a neutral card.

you can still get class cards from discover (whether you play omega assembly on 10 mana or less doesn’t matter for this). but you won’t get them as reliably anymore.

i … dont … nvm …

the bug is when you discover a card with omega assembly before turn 10 you will have as big chance to get a neutral card as a class specific card, they did this nerf to nerf warriors getting omega devestator of from dr boom hero power and omega assembly. “THE BUG” is that when its used on turn 10 you still get 4x more likely to hit class specific cards with omega assembly (the nerf never affect this as you dont rly discover 3 cards you just gain them in your hand) hope this is explanation enough

I read this with “oh interesting, this is gonna be a discussion here after all” in mind. then I came across the last sentence. oh well…

edit: to everyone interested: I just tried this out myself. I played 10 omega assemblies on turn 10 and out of the 30 cards I got, 6 were class cards.

I got 1 class card from 2 assemblies, 2 class cards from 2 other assemblies and the other 6 assemblies contained no class cards.

even though the sample size is very small, I would have expected a different result if there really was an issue. I’m not saying that there couldn’t be, but given that I don’t believe that there is such an issue because in my eyes omega assembly on 10 mana is no different from it on 9 mana (other than that you don’t have to pick 1 card, but get all 3). so unless someone provides some evidence, I believe that everything checks out, as it did with my test run.

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than you obviously dont know what a warrior class card is.

What I don’t understand is, what evidence do we have that after turn 10 the bonus still applies. When did this happen? How often? Or is this perception only?


neutral mechs are better than warrior mechs, snip snap, wargear, zilliax, menace, safety vault, even bulldozer is most often better than a devastator or a tomb warden, if anything this was a nerf to discover and a buff to warrior discover