Pack opening bug. I know I will not be compensated but at least I want to report it

Opening packs on release of the patch/expansion has once again been proven to be a very wrong thing to do, because of potential bugs (like now) obviously.

I opened 17 packs and before I got all of the commons from the new mini-set I started getting third+ copies of the ones I already have. I also waited to receive DH weapon commons I disenchanted on the prelast nerf and they also didn’t appear.

I seriously doubt you’ll do something about this. It’s probably just going to be ‘we had some small bugs on the release’…

I was saving those packs so I can open at least all commons and most of the rares. Now it looks like I partially wasted my packs because I’m still missing common cards…

Well, I do not know about the new commons, but regarding the disenchanted DH weapon, when you disenchant something, then it is still counted as owned and no-duplicate rule does not apply to it.

Update: If one of the supposed commons was “Rally!”, then it is a visual bug, because “Rally!” is a rare actually.