Please bring back hero portraits

As a newer player who’s now hooked on the game, its a massive shame I can’t get some of the older hero portraits. I’d be quite happy to hand over money for a Varden portrait especially to have some non-binary representation available to me. Thoughts?

I imagine one of the Varden portraits will be available at some point as all 4 were on the pay side of the reward track for different expansions and I don’t think there’s any exclusivity issues with them reselling those, so you just have to keep an eye out in the shop.

There are some old ones, the set pre-order exclusive ones spring to mind, that wont ever come back as I’m pretty sure that would be illegal i.e. marketing something as exclusive only to resell it at a later date, but none of the Varden ones were those so I recon you might be in luck (plus they’ll probably add more of them :grinning: )

They need to bring back the arthas one i was going to buy it just didnt reslise it was temporary

I want the Giant Mech portraits back.

Absolutely agree. However, I’m afraid they will never allow this to happen as business practice has shown this can lead to disastrous pr for the company = less sales.

it’s the concept of “fomo” fear of missing out. This leads a surprising amount of people to dig deep and buy things from the shop more consistently.

I missed out on one of my favorite characters from the game “Kurtrus” the demon hunter and it sucks, but I won’t be a slave to fomo either and as such, customization is something that I get shafted on :slight_smile:

I understand your situation is a little different.
I recently took a look at hero portraits that says “can be unlocked via season pass” and I completed that very track, but I didn’t have the season pass at the time. Even if I am to buy it now, I will not have it unlocked. Very scummy business practice imo, both this particular instance and FOMO-marketing in general.

Mecha jaraxxusfor me

There is a reason you cannot get them anymore is because of it been given the idea to those players that they will only get those portraits if they have successfully achieved some sort of goal. So everyone that h
as it knows he is one of the few hundreds or thousands that got it.

Also its nice to know when you see someone that has that portrait says to me that person achieved said goal but give that portrait now to just anyone demolishes any and all value on those portraits to not only that player but the entire HS community .

Basically this means the devs would be stupid to give out those portraits now.

Well, they’ve been bringing some of them back purchasable with Gold. Check the shop.

This would be unwise. Those players will lose faith in them.

See, that makes sense only if you consider something like preorder bonuses to be an accomplishment. It isn’t, it’s just FOMO at work. Also limited time portraits you weren’t around for should have a chance to come back, like it did with the Tyrande and Khadgar portraits.

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He’s right unfortunately. There’s something of an exclusive feeling to owning a portrait/card back/coin/whatever that can no longer be obtained. FOMO is a powerful marketing tool. I do think that they should allow some leeway at any rate though.

For example, if you unlocked a full season track, you should be able to pay 19.99 to acquire the rewards from then (furthermore, 19.99 only unlocks !one) - This reduces the fomo components, without removing it entirely.

yeah you are right too. The only thing they will care about is new revenue in which case the old client wont make a difference anymore.