Possible bug in Tombs of Terror

So recently while playing Tombs of Terror on heroic with anomalies turned on i encountered a definitely unintended scenario where the ai opponent refused to end its turn. I believe it was chapter 1, 2nd or 3rd encounter and the anomaly was “bountiful” (both players start with 9 cards), and i don’t think it matters but my only selected treasure so far was double battlecries and i was playing reno with “relicologist” and a random starting deck.
After turn three, up until which everything was working as intended, the ai dropped double mechwarper into a galvanizer and flooded the board with two annoy-o-trons and two micro mummies. At this point the board was full and it’s turn would have been over, but it refused to end the turn. I even tried quitting to windows and restarting, only to find myself still waiting for it to end the turn. My only idea as to what might have been happening is the ai trying repeatedly to magnetize a Sn1p-Sn4p. I was forced to concede in order to continue playing.
I have a screenshot of the situation, but i do not think i am able to upload it here.

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