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I do not know where to file a complaint against harrasment. After i finished a game of Hearthstone, the other player added me and started cursing at my family - explicitly saying that he wished for my mom do die and other unfortunate things. I was lucky enough to screenshot the event - where would i post that?

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Csam :slight_smile:


You should be able to report him in the blizzard app if he is your “friend” i had a similar experience and just reported him in the app, no clue if anything was actually done tho, unless its overwatch blizzard is pretty bad to let you know these harassers have been dealt with


Right, of course. I didn’t know there was such an option for your friends. Anyway, it’s too late cause he unfriended me the second i wrote that this would be reported to Blizzard. However, still got that screenshot and would really love to get rid of people like this from the community.


click on the social tab in your battlenet client. the chat with the dude should still be there on the left side (even if he unfriended you). click on it. there’s a downward facing arrow next to his name in the chat window. click on that arrow, then select “report”.


Clearly that person is either immature or has issues or both!


I love getting these salty friend adds, I get so much joy of out trolling them and winding them up even more :joy::joy::joy:


sadly i just got them once …

guy played the worst priest deck ever … like the worst …

if i would only have klicked on Armor Hero Power i think i would have won anyway

Still i was a brainless sorry excuse of a victim who has sexual intercourse with his relatives …

wanted to write him that beeing salty wont win him anything and wanted to wish him a good day anyway but he allready blocked me :frowning:


Were his relatives any good? I had a guy that insisted that I have sex with animals, but when I told him that was only the case because his sister put me off regular sex for life, he got even more angry for some reason…can’t for the life of me figure out why he found this so unacceptable…she was terrible!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


hahahahahahahahah well … i dont even go to correct it xD

its funny as it is


This is why I try to tell people who complain about the community being so toxic not to take such things so personally. Words from other people are only as hurtful as YOU allow them to be. With the right mindset you can turn anything around to your advantage


and with the right lvl of calmnes you can realize that it really doenst matter and you dont even need to turn it to your advantage :wink:


True, but it’s funny to do so


The person will get appropriate punishment. Maybe not right away but eventually they will get the punishment.


Likewise, Rayven. What’s your method of trolling? Here’s One of my favourite ways to roast them:

“You are nothing to me. Nothing but 1/3 of my 10 victory gold. That is how irrelevant you are to my life. Yoggers Poggers, MTFer.”

Btw I loved that party you had, Medivh! When do you think the next one will be? Jaraxxus and his karaoke melts my heart every time I hear it… If Moroes needs any help to set up, I’d be more than happy to lend a hand this year!


Are you just necro-ing old threads to post replies there even though the thread is 2 months old?


I… honestly have no idea…