Rewards Track Update Coming Soon

Rewards Track Update Coming Soon

We’re ready to detail a series of changes that we will begin releasing later this month.

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Bullet point version:

Arena/Legendary weeklies - they ****** up, they will be gone.

Win 5 Ranked a week, instead of 7.

Tavern Brawl and Battlegrounds will track for relevant quests.

Making some quests more realistic e.g. fixing corrupted and making it 30 instead of 50.

800XP dailies now = 900XP

Reducing the XP needed in total by 20% and flattening it out somewhat, as well as adding 50g to levels 27 and 30.

After level 50 it will now go up to 350 instead of 150 but will be cut up so you get gold more often.

Personally this fixes pretty much everything that I’ve said was incredible stupid and it’s nice to see that they’re attempting to address the “feelsbad” factor that the majority of players were experiencing. It will be interesting to see how that majority feel after these changes come in.

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Thank you Blizzard, you do care about us :slight_smile:

Gladly accepted update. There sure is much more that can be done, and improvements are still possible, but indeed as a big first step this is great. Sadly it takes time and much data/testing, but in the end if the company wants to strive they will understand and fix issues.

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

We got them by the throat now ! , keep hitting them with ranting like a pinata ^^
Also what is bobby koticks maserati worth in gold ? , he should divide it over the hearthstone community and take the bike to work… also better for the enviremont :stuck_out_tongue:

OMFG! I’ve made a whole excel sheet with formulae and calculations and now they mess it all up! Darn! Now I am angry too!


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nice changes blud but manz wantz 8k gold by the end of the expansion if manz ain’t got it manz gonna quit. manz over and out blud.

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Well, IDK if you get to 8k, but anyway, they have added some gold (100 I think :-), reduced XP requirements and increased XP gains, although those, who rerolled 800 XP quests won’t get more XP, actually, they will get less because there will be no XP from events. I wonder how much XP from events they envisioned? They reduce the pass by 37k XP - was that the planned amount? Cos if yes then rerollers are in the same spot :slight_smile:
I was satisfied with the initial version, so for me, it gets better - more gold, more XP from Quests (I do not reroll), faster progression through levels. Also quest changes quite fine… yeah. Not bad, even though it could be better of course.

Lets all hope for you quitting then, your terribly boring now bordering on embarrassing.

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speak for yourself cuz, this new system is whack bro

Well the events are still gona happen, they’re just gona give out other things other than XP (packs/gold/tickets). But you’re obviously right in that they could have been planing big XP events and now they’re just gona throw out a few packs instead, but as someone who was already looking like they were jumping from 8000 to 9000 gold per expansion before these changes, it’s hard for me to care about maybes :smile:

All we need now is a reduction in the price.

For me, the paid battle pass should be included in the mega bundle. The mega bundle should be priced at about £60. That would be a fair price. It’s like buying a AAA game every 4 months which is acceptable.

I know they won’t do that but I think that’s how the game should be priced.

I’m really happy with the changes to the battle pass, I think it’s better then the old system now.

Well, I do, literally, I’ve said “for me, it gets better”, bro.

Maybe they should bundle the tavern pass with the Battleground perks?

That doesn’t make much sense, as nothing you get from the tavern pass can be used in BG (i.e. cosmetics for constructed and gold beyond what you need to get the perks next time).

Well, I do not care about battleground perks, I get them from megabundle anyway. Standalone Pass is better for me it seems, but it would be nice to have more options/combinations. I guess there are different players with different playstyles.
Right now, I’m more worried about the mini-expansion :slight_smile: I’ll start to stack up packs I guess :slight_smile:

If we go down that road it doesnt even make sense to throw up a threshold in a game mode to limit your hero picking other then blizzard thinking you will spend real money on the next expansion because you will have less gold now :stuck_out_tongue:

also i like to think you have a bit more influence over the direction of the game since your oppinion is better molded here on the forums then some of the employees at blizzard, they probably read your thought processes on this game a bit more.

All hail Ixnay, the undercover developer !