Rogue's position and new cards

From the excavation classes rogue is less favored since at 4rth excavate class card requires 8 excavations to be at pic of performance. While other classes at 4rth excavate they can pop up.
1st question: why 8 excavations on rogue ?? And i insist on that because we get 4 RANDOM cards not something standard.
2nd: rogue has to be lucky in order to win AND IF ONLY THEN he might win the match. Wishing thingy make your hand full of coins which might be good might be bad and literary we WISH to win and i am not a believer.
So imo rogue cards need a re-write on some point or wr need a CRAZY PATCH to start going on and on because now its all about luck. And extra luck to draw the card you need and extra luck to find a good legendary and extra luck that they won’t clear the board after all this luck.
you designed new rogue cards unluckily compared to other classes.

Are you talking about standard? Couse in the wild format you can do a waterfall of crazy sh*t with the Rogue :ok_hand:

Because Shadowstep exists.
Getting to 4 excavations is trivially easy with Rogue, and does not warrant a very strong reward.

Shadowstep is not something you have to consider while creating new cards tbh. Plus the rewards are random so maybe all the shadowsteps are gone for nothing. The point here is that all the build around rogues right now is not good that’s why you dont see any1 playing rogue atm.

Uhh, yes you do. Ignoring all the other cards that a class has when creating new ones is not a sign of good card design and can easily go against class identity. Especially when talking about a class that’s known for making use of other classes cards.

Even more so when talking about a card that gives them free cards from other classes. Would you rather Rogue have access to 8 or so extra spells or 24+?

With that in mind having a shadowstep is not good anymore and its more like a punishment yes? Next time i want a battlecry but not in 1st time but in 3rd shadowstep to be able to proc.

You have Breakdance too, which is even better than Shadowstep.
Excavate Rogue is pretty decent.