Savage Roar needs nerf


It’s really simple to evaluate when compared to Bloodlust. Savage Roar needs to be no less than 5 mana,yet it’s not even 4. Is balance team on vacation?


You’re comparing a card that costs 3 and gives minions +2 attack to a card that costs 5 and gives +3 attack…explain why they should cost the same if the +dmg isn’t the same?


To be fair, Savage Roar does give your hero +2 attack as well.


Here is the explanation:

  1. Savage roar also gives your hero +2 attack, which counts as 1 more minion. Actually it’s even better than a minion as it enables a desperate defensive use.
  2. The classes have very different strenghts. Druid can easily generate tokens atm while also having a full hand, and contest the board with those minions. Shamans can’t produce as many minions,and the build up with totems can’t contest the board. It’s still a lot harder to use Bloodlust than a 5 mana savage roar.


But Shamans also have a lot more offensive spells, tools for card draw enabling them more likelihood of drawing such a card and spells for clearing away taunts to enable bloodlust to be more effective as a finishing tool. Take hex for example, a big taunt can be removed by a single minion where as a druid may have to sacrifice 2-3 minions to clear the same taunt


Because he has no clue, how to handle the tokken druid matchup and instead of trying to figure it out comes here to demand a change, that will suit him. Best reasoning ever, yes?

Much harder then odd pala, has finite number of board refills, and is really depending on card draw.

Bahahah, oukey… not true but oukey
Look man, you not knowing the cards is one thing, but to atribute that missinformation to a class strenght is just… wow.

Even even shamans laugh at this, OG midrange shaman is rofl-ing right now.
And murloc shamans are looking at that statement in pitty.

for you might be
for a semi decent drawn shaman it’s as ez as saying “Pie”

Look, i’ gonna take a wild guess here - have you tried actually playing minions before turn 5? Contesting the board at least a bit? Cuz, you know - each and every greedy deck that just pushes the button for the first 4 turns and w8s on it’s huuuge board clear at turns 5 and after that to survive is prone to be beaten by any midrangey and agressive one.


it counts as 0 mana, look at pounce

besides what Raywen said druids usually fight from behind, while shamans have minion pressure removal and token genraation that pushes them ahead of the opponent, that’s why their buff spell needs to cost more, or else they would have a much quicker victory not allowing the defender to fend off the aggressor, btw, you know what the power turns of both classes are? in aggro/token decks, of course, for druid the best power turns were turn 4-5 and 8, while for shaman the power of the plays made would decrease after time from turn 1 to 8

member mage and priest? I member


Druid does have even better tools than shaman to spam the board and to let you face a full board of 6-7 minions.
So in theory you need multiple aoe board clears in a row to denie the druid from punching you with atleas 5 minions in the face.
Even if your deck provides these clears you might only have like two of them ‘in time’.
What will happen is that the druid does not only punch you with five minions, he additionally punches you with six times +2 from savage roar and additionally five. times +1 from the other cheap buff card.

Assuming that the board consists of five minions between 2 attack power you need to defend on average (5x5)+2 damage from minions + hero. In one turn just because you could not clear the five minion board on turn 6. How low are the chances that the druid has not been able to damage you for the remaining 3 health even before turn 6?
Why is there no counter play? Because he is just keeping these buffs in hand while spamming the board with cheap spells and twinspells. He choses the moment. You can only hope for bad draw on his side.

Still i dont think that core spells of druid needs to be nerfed. Its more like new cards are overtuned.
Just my point of view.


“Don’t have sex, dD…d’on have sex, because you’ll get pregnant, and die!”


I like how every attempt at giving constructive criticism, balance suggestion, feedback and creative discussion is met with these kind of replies. No,dude I know how to play against token druid. You AoE the shet out of board every single turn. If you can’t do it,or get tons of armor until you can do it,you die to savage roar.
Shamans have Hex. which is 4 mana,removes the taunt and still needs one minion attack to clear it. Do murloc shamans use it? NOT ALWAYS
Druids have Swipe,which is 4 mana,more often than not removes your taunt minion and deals damage to your other things,including the face. If your minions is still up,just a minion attack clears it,which then becomes equivelant of Hex. But it still does damage to other stuff,and it can also be used to deal 4 damage to your face aswell. Do token druid use it? YES,ALL OF THEM
Swipe > Hex.
Also for other single target clears,Druid has Wrath and all token druids use it. It can also draw you a card. And I don’t get how you came into conclusion that shaman has better draw tools when it’s druids that never run out of steam.
Murloc shamans are the only shaman archetype which can flood the board every turn like token druids,and even they don’t use bloodlust.


maybe if you didn’t act so sure about everything you say people would reason with you instead of acting entitled as well

true, the Anyfin style of deck that wants to beat you on turn 5, before you can make any body worth hexing doesn’t run Hex, while the quest decks that aim at overwhelming you on the long run do run it.

NO, and wrong.
Swipe is used in combo styled token decks as they often need to fend off aggressors, swipe is the closest that Druid has to decent AoE so they run it.
Hex is a single target removal, it has NOTHING in common with swipe besides being a spell and the cost.
following your logic I could compare Glacial Mysteries with Twisting Nether and The Forest’s Aid.

Let’s see me try something smart
druid to deal 1 damage to all enemy minions has to pay 4 mana and as a bonus they get to deal 4 damage to any enemy.
Shaman to deal 1 damage to all enemy minions he has to pay 2 mana and as a bonus it gets a random 1 drop, that’s on average 2 mana 1/2 “deal 1 damage to all the enemy minions” but not really…it gets buffed by spell damage, and shaman has a totem doing exactly that

all token druid lists besides the best ones

druid has to pay 6 mana to draw 3 cards, they never run out of steam because they have card generation like “Witchwood apple” and “The Forest’s Aid” and “Acornbearer” while shaman gets actual draw that synergises with its best cards ( Ancestral Knowledge-Tunnel Trogg Manatide Totem-Thing From Below and more)

They can’t flood the board like token druid can, I played both adn I know, they don’t use Bloodlust btw because they are better using their minions and Murloc buffs, Why use a 5 mana Bloodlust when you have a 3 mana 3/3 Warleader? Besides, druid usually has 1/1’s that they need to buff to do something, while shamans have huge minions compared to them

So the guy is talking total nonsense but he’s butthurt at Azra so you hearth his comment?


Well put. If you read it over, Deecee created the topic to get a discussion going, and in his last post he called the little cnt out for acting like a little cnt, which is basically all the little cnt is able to do. I liked that.
Because look at Rayvens, Teutonicus’ and your answers. Proper, decent answers. Why can’t the little c
nt reply like that?
Trying not to derail the topic, but you asked, I answered. I’m fine to leave it now. Bored of it myself really, it’s been talked to death already. Just figured it’s only polite to answer your question.


Your point of view is correct and I can’t argue with your priorities and kind of being, I think it’s ok as long as everyone is nice :)) really now, if everyone around you thinks like you then you’ve got something good going on. On the other hand, and this might offend you, if you were a scientist observing nature I imagine you going
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The much stronger wolf is now offering help to the injured rabbi…oh wait!!! :rage: We must educate that wolf…”

EDIT: And keep in mind I often exaggerate what I got to say to get my point across


Savage roar is not OP and never was, so it don’t need any changes. This expansion druid got few cards that has sinergy with with roar, but that didn’t make roar OP.

You have to adapt and learn how to play around it, and if your deck is weak against token druid, tough luck. Token druid is not that strong.

Your comparing of savage roar and bloodlust just don’t make any sense. Those are 2 completely different cards from different classes that are completely different.

This thread is just another whine: i lost to a certain deck so it must be OP because i’m unbeatable in this game. This will probably shock you but you can’t beat all other decks with one deck. In some you are ahead and in another you’re not.