So....Quest Shaman


Didn’t come up against any quest druids. Fancied that one to be quite strong to be fair


(Pulls out my copy of “Untapped Potential”)
I AM ETERNAL! :smiling_imp:


Shaman quest? You just rush like Hunter 5 years ago,basically like brainless retard and “Quest” is complet in turn 5 or 6.LoL. Druid? few turns u play 1 or 2 cost garbage than gaining insane value and stats for mana spend basically for no effort.Rouge can also finish it on few turns and its pretty op.Why? It comes in the game in few turns.Thats it.All other quests needs more than 5 turns.


Well I’ve switched to a taunt warrior variation for now and have no problem with beating rogue quest or druid quest and have a decent win rate against shaman quest

Still really want to try an Undatakah paladin quest type


Its descent though definitely beatable, as Control Warr at least. An interesting version i came upon was Bomb version but still, if u Elysiana the bombs its easy.

Control Warr and Combo Priest seem to be the most solid decks for now i think. The rest are good against certain archetypes but weak vs others.


Just played against shaman again,basically rushing with OP lucky minions and he finished it on his turn 5 I had 4 cristals.I mean this is like hunter would have summon like 7 beasts and hero power become give beast +2+2 and charge


The quest shaman variant I tested was a bomb variant using seaforium bombers, elekks and shudderwock but it was to susceptible to bad card draw.

Murloc paladin is VERY strong at the minute too

It’s decent but quest shaman isn’t anywhere near as strong as I thought it would be. Gets ruined by murloc paladin and isn’t very strong against taunt warrior


I have one of those, but without the quest, which is why I wanted making mummies so badly.


What helped me a lot in quest rogue was the spell which destroys your weapon and deals dmg equal to its attack to all minions.

Works very well against murlocs especially if they went all in allready


U mean murloc paladin when he plays Prismatic lens in turn 3 with coin,than summon whole board of murloc in turn 4 while u cant decide would u play 3 mana 3:4 minion or not?


not a bad midrange value deck
far from murloc shaman in efficency
best side - constant value, not depending on draw - consistent whatever the mulligan is
worst side - can’t really cope with agro and huge power plays that other decks have (quest pala and dru, mages,etc)

I’ve tried it in a higlander setup - probably one of the worst quest highlander decks


Yeah but that’s just a high roll turn that happens once every 20 games. If they were doing it consistently then I’d be concerned


Looks at its surprisingly low 48.66% win rate on HSReplay.

Well, we were wrong. This is one of the biggest surprises of this expansion for me. My top three quests were Shaman, Druid and Rogue. And they’re all performing below average. Especially Rogue (46.18%). :dizzy_face:


100% agree, I was definitely expecting this to at least be a competitor, but it’s been hugely underwhelming so far


And instead the best quest, the only one getting to as high as tier 2, is Paladin quest. I thought that it was neat and decent at best but I certainly did not expect it to be the best performing quest.

It could be largely because they hard counter Control Warrior and Warrior in general (unless it’s Aggro Warrior). If/when Control Warrior gets nerfed in the near future Quest Paladin may also take an indirect hit because of that.


Yeah, I did predict there could be some interesting shenanigans related to this quest and, as such, it was difficult to predict its potential.

You’re right about it’s countering of warrior being a big plus at the minute. I can’t see warrior getting nerfed now though. It’s got a few counters now, unlike the reasoning behind the rogue nerf of last meta which was down to rogue only having 1 direct counter, and with it being 6 months away from Dr. Boom being rotated out I think it’s too late into the year for them to think it’s worthwhile as it will cause a HUGE power drop in warrior…similar to how rogue dropped off the map after it’s nerf last meta


F*/K Quest Shaman… 4 out of every 5 matches are against that infinite value machine.
I would rater go back and fight jade druid or pirate warrior


interested to know your control warrior deck because the one i use which is supposed to be tier 1 , gets slaughtered by q shamen , q shamen needs nerfing , but blizz only like to nerf warrior , so face bash brainless mummys can win


i fail to see the line where he said he plays with warrior and wins

he said that the plus of the quest shaman is the countering of warrior so basicly what you said

Also i cant remember when warrior got the last nerf at all (playing since jan 2018) but thats not important


seriously the nerf to the boom from 7 up to 9 is massive then a week later the nerf to the choose 1 cards or for warrior with omega assembly at 10 mana you get all 3 , before was a higher % to get good warrior class cards now its completly random mech crap , this nerf was done in a general patch tho but it does not affect other classes only warrior , so thats 2 big nerfs in 2 weeks to warrior and completly destroys control warrior , and shamen quest when completed you get 1 cost doing 6-8 damage , thats not op ffs .