Still can't play duels

Finished my duels run and now the screen is glitched out when I go to collect rewards. Is this being fixed and when can we expect a patch?

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I’ve been stuck like that for 3 weeks with no updates from Blizzard. I’d not keep my hopes up friend.

Jesus christ, blizzard, Im so tired of this. Wrote you a problem ticket that said that the bug Is now resolved, which it isn’t.

Today I Uninstalled the game and will most likely never play it again after 6 years of playing. The new quest system sucks and doesnt give any gold anymore, it has become more of a pay to play game. And now with all the bugs, just makes me sick of it all. Get your things together.

Damn…I paid for this expansion too so I could get the duel treasures and whatnot… Need a refund

same issue, has been like that for 2-3 weeks now.
is this bug acknowledged by the blizz support in any way?

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I bought early access and been stuck with a smokey screen for weeks now! really pissed off as duels is a great idea but has anyone at Blizzard even acknowledged this problem???

Blizz knows about the problem, and even said they had it fixed. But I guess they need to fix it completly.

I got stuck in Duels too after being able to choose 2 hero powers, and now i cant start playing after choosing cards.