Store and arena closed for more than 24h!

It’s pretty disappointing to wait an entire week for a response on this topic just for it to be a generic answer refering to a post that doesn’t adress this issue at all.
This is clearly a unique problem that came up with the update from 05/12 and it breaks a big portion of the game for those effected by it.
I hope this issue gets more attention than it appears to get. For me personally, arena is the only mode that keeps me playing the game and keeping an interest in it.


I have the same problem since last update. Both me and my boyfriend cannot access either the arena or the shop! i tried all the solutions blizzard recomments and nothing works. It has been almost a week!

I’m getting pretty dissapointed with the whole thing…clearly many people have the same problem and clearly there is no way of fixing it by ourselves.So please, at least stop suggesting solutions that dont work and maybe its time to actually look into it.


Yeah…I had problems only with shop being closed and now I cannot enter shop and arena also…wtf?!

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I have win 10 and both arena and shop are disabled!

Hi Rejuvithorn,

Sorry, as you can see, your ‘fix’ options don’t work. Could you please provide us with some real support instead of copy and pasting links from the US - this clearly doesn’t work.

My shop hasn’t been working for at least 4 days and I am losing out on content. I am unable to purchase anything, use the arena, get the free Nemsy hero that you advertised. You need to do something about this. The player disappointment is evident from the posts in this article.

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my shop is closed for 5 days and no one from support team help us.i have windows 10 in europe region .i try everything and nothing work.just disappointment from blizzard

I didn’t have any problems with the shop since the latest update is released, but today I’ve got the problem - shop is closed.

Game files restoration from battle net client didn’t solve the problem.

Didn’t try reinstalling the game yet because don’t have time for that now, planning to try it later, but I see a lot of comments telling that this also doesn’t solve the problem.

Windows 10, Europe.

Please help.

P.S. I see a lot of comments here and I suppose that many other players could have the same problem, but not everyone will go to the forum to write a comment, so please don’t consider that this is not a major problem.

P.P.S. Just got the shop opened, didnt do anything for that from my side.

fix your game blizzard . sucks playing this game shop is been closed for more than a week now

Enough blizzard is enough !! I deleted the game, installed it again, the result is still the same. Take care of your game. Since the last patch, I could not get into the arena, nor could I enter the shop.

Update: My store is working again - finally. I hope the same applies to you all.

That’s great to hear Simkin.

It should be fixed for everyone who updates to 17.2.2 now, should that not be the case can you tell us your Operating System with the Shop Issue?

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Working for me again, too. Glad to see the issue fixed in a reasonable time.

Well it’s about time! …I mean…Thank you :rose:

This is still a problem for me. Anyone else? I made a ticket, and they can’t do anything. Hecking annoying.

The problem is back for me, Hearthstone is patched to, can’t click on shop or purchase arena tickets. Any solution?

now store closed in my desktop and mobile device ( ios and android ) for more than 48h. I fixed the game, delete and redownload, can’t help.

It turns out the problem on my machine was antivirus. When I uninstalled Kaspersky the problem went away.

We’re glad it’s fixed Archontect :slight_smile:

store and arena closed for over a month now.