Stuck in a loop booting up heartstone iPhone pro 14

Hi, last week I downloaded heartstone for my new iPhone. But when I open the app after installing it and i pres the sign in button. It wil load for 2/5 sec and wil show me the sign in button again… I try to re-download it. But seems like nothing is working… pls help!


Same issue. Been going on for about 3 weeks now, no solution so far.

We are currently investigating reports specific to iOS devices and nothing being able to sign in. We do not have an ETA or work around at this time so until a solution can be found, the only thing we can recommend is if you have another device you can play on (Android, Windows, MacOS) to play through that device for the time being.

Same situation on iPhone 12 pro

Having the same issue, iphone 14+

Any progress? Thank you

Same issue here, hope it gets resolved soon

Exact same thing is happening for me. Hopefully we get a fix soon, should be an easy thing to do. :man_shrugging:

Same here…. Utter rubbish

Same here, bot able to enter anything just stuck on a loop

@kershew Has there been any update? Do you know if this will go into a patch soon?

There is not yet an ETA on a permanent solution to this issue but it will likely take a client patch to address so keep an eye out for information on upcoming patches. If I do get any additional information to share I will update this thread and this US forums thread.

Thank you very much!

The latest update has resolved the issue for me.